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Figure out how to complete the ancient ritual of ascendance before the moon eclipses the sun.
Submitted by Shrine Dynamics (@ShrineDynamics) — 5 minutes, 56 seconds before the deadline
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Audio (Does not apply for Physical Games)#63.8893.889
Fun Factor#83.5563.556

Ranked from 9 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Video Game

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Did you use any third party assets, if yes what assets did you use?
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Gore (light body horror)

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A great entry, my favorite here.

Still, there were some issues with it. The game is hard to play, and not in a good way. 

  • the jumping/scaling mechanic seems very odd, it was quite difficult for me to realize it's the way the game is supposed to be played (or did I miss something and it's not xd?). Especially seems strange with the absence of fall damage
  • uncomfortable interaction with all these items, had to spend some time getting used to it. The inventory gets boggled up very quickly, I had to throw away the keys right after using them
  • and regarding keys, if you have a lot of them in the inventory, it's really hard to tell apart their color

But the atmosphere is superb. Limitations skillfully used to your advantage, every single thing drips with style. I also liked the dialogue, very extensive for a gamejam. Each elder speaks with his own, slightly different pitch, great detail! And circle composition, super cool!

Thanks for making it. Looking forward to your new projects.


Thank you for a very fair review.
I wanted to mention that the ability to scale walls is unfortunately a bug in this version. I only caught it last night with the help of a friend and haven't been able to release a hotfix - but it should be up soon.

I agree with the other issues you mentioned. Unfortunately, I neglected to get enough proper feedback during development and rushed near the end, resulting in something quite messy that was burdened by only being able to see the game through a single lens, my own. As always, it's a learning process, and I know what to improve on for next time. 

I'm glad you enjoyed.


Huh, so it's a bug after all. Then how are you supposed to get inside the library and onto its second floor? 

Developer (2 edits) (+1)

SPOILERS BELOW For anyone who is interested in figuring it out for themselves:

To get inside the library, you can either:

  • Throw a rock at the key sitting on the protruding plank on the roof to the right of the library's front door, hopefully causing it to drop, then using said key on the front door itself


  • Climb up the scaffolding to the left of the library's front door (which requires you to push some boxes around to jump on, and then break a plank half way up the scaffolding by throwing an object or using a dagger, causing a piece of the scaffolding to fall and form a ramp),
  • Enter the library either through falling down a level to the front balcony (taking some fall damage) and entering through the broken window, or landing on the 'side roof' on the right side of the library
  • If you land on the side roof, you can either break the boards covering the hole with a crate sitting on it (by throwing an object or using the dagger) to enter the green key room, or, alternatively...

To get on the second floor:

  • When entering the library from the front door, if you go left up the broken stairs and look straight ahead, you may notice a pile of books on the second floor landing. That pile of books holds the white key - either make a few jumps and try to grab it, or throw something at it until it falls.
  • Now that you have the white key, you can go up to the side roof and unlock the door to the library's second floor.

Hope that explains it well enough. If anyone is interested, now that the jam is essentially over, I could post a video walkthrough of all possible solutions in the current build.

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

Thank you for the explanation. Turns out, I did it with the library in reverse order, scaling the wall after climbing the scaffolding. That's why I couldn't understand why the key on top is located on a protruding ramp.

It's really cool there is more than one way to enter the library. Especially impressive for a gamejam project.

UPD: in latest build (1.0.4) jumping is indeed much more pleasant, and fall damage feels consistent now. However, it's really hard to hit anything by throwing, so much, that I still resorted to abuse to get the white key. I jumped on a shelf near it, and just picked up the books from below the key one by one, until it fell to the floor. And if I didn't know where keys are, it would by nigh impossible to notice them with these graphics.


Super solid entry, maaan. Although, I'm using a big monitor and this retro'ish filter (or whatever pixelizes screen space) makes my eyes tired :D Even after forcing the game into windowed mode, couldn't resize it.


Pretty and Spooky. I loved it. My suggestion would be left-click to use left hand and right-click to use right hand. Its in reverse now and it caused some confusion. Are throwing the rocks supposed to distract the creature? It didn't seem to react to it.


Really nice game. I wish I could finish it, but I got stuck in the library. The yellow key didn't work on the doors. 

To get the green key I had to clip out of the map after restarting the game, and to get out of the space between the fallen bookshelves where you find the map to the green key I had glitch out by jumping at a wall then jumping backwards, which propelled me higher.

Then I spammed the door with the yellow key and lost my right arm lol.

Developer (2 edits)

Thank you for the detailed feedback.

How did you clip out of the map? What area specifically, if you can remember?

The yellow key should be used by holding it in your right hand and then clicking the left mouse button while aiming at either of the library's front doors. If this is not what you were doing, could you please explain what you spammed before your right arm disappeared?

The issue with the getting stuck on the bookshelves has hopefully been resolved for the next version, and I will release a patch soon after I fix a few more things.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I jumped on the big rock besides the one that is being held up by the small rock in the middle, where you can see the green key from, then to go back I wedged myself between two trees by the rocks that are away from the library and spammed jump until I was through.

I tried holding the yellow key with the right hand and clicking either of the doors. When that didn't work, I changed hands and tried again, then I started spamming left and right click while changing hands quickly and my right arm disappeared, leaving my left hand holding the key. I had the dagger equipped on the other hand.

Developer (2 edits)

Thank you for the in-depth report. I've just released a new version of the game, v1.0.3, that fixes many areas you would get stuck on and improves the character logic to reduce the possibility to get stuck in general, fixes some clipping areas, makes it no longer possible to get stuck in the library, and should fix the arm disappearance bug. Thanks again for the feedback, it's been really helpful.


Is there any chance to get  a web or a linux build?

I can rate the visuals, audio and originality from what I saw in the livestream, but playing it would obviously be better :)


Hello, apologies for the wait. I have included a linux native build in version v1.0.3, which I just released here. I only had time to test it on Manjaro KDE, but it should function fine elsewhere. If you encounter any issues, feel free to point them out. Thanks!


Very cool atmosphere and enemy design. I was a bit overwhelmed with the amount of controls and couldn't figure out what to do with the boxes and barrels that had the interact sign. I also realised too late that I shouldn't collect every single rock. You have something special here and I hope you continue to develop it in the future.