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What are you working on?

A topic by Martian Muckraker created Jan 20, 2021 Views: 354 Replies: 11
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This is a place to share a bit about what projects you have underway and ask for feedback.

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I’m working on a cosmic horror but non-Lovecraft Mythos that, obviously as well as the racism, tries to avoid some of the other problematic content of his. There are various parts to what the game - The Bone Orchard - will also involve, but part of it will be making scenarios with less word bloat and that are more useable at the table. My submission will be a sample scenario.


This sounds neat! I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with :)

For something that was supposed to be quite simple, the scenario's grown quite a bit, but I'm nearly done with the copy. Next step is giving it a decent layout and not just bunging in out on an A4 PDF!


I've been kicking about an idea about crossing the Lovecraft Mythos and Inception, so I'm thinking I'll try and make it a bit more than just this:

"What if we could incept Cthulhu with the idea that the stars are wrong so that he never wakes up?"

I think it'll be a little mini-game, probably PbtA-ish maybe?


So entering Cthulhu dreams while they lie sleeping in R'lyeh? Nice idea!


I don't want to be the one going into this big-slimy-whateverthisis-head !


Sounds like a cool idea! With both franchises interested in dreams it seems they could mesh in trippy ways.


I don't know YET, but I think it will be a simple system, with some random tables to allow improvising. And maybe Animal Crossing.
Will see !


Something mixing horror and comedy, using a deck of cards as an automated GM

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I'm doing an odd take on the genre and i'm putting together a demi-gods generator based on the Greco-Roman Titans.

 Fundamentally different in outlook than the Olympians, the Titans were beings of awesome power that represented immutable concepts (Time, Mortality, Memory) rather than the natural representations of the the Olympians (Storms, Earthquakes, War, etc) and as a result their off-spring are more akin to Yog-Sothoth's spawn in the Dunwich Horror than they are Theseus or Heracles. 

I'm done with the write-up, just getting art and formatting together.


We are trying to get playtesters on the Discord - its been proving tough due to international time zones Feel free to hop on the server and see if anyone is at a combatible time with you.