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This is intense. I dreaded each choice I had to make, and the last one got me screaming "I don't want that" for a good 10min before I relunctantly choose one... And it was fricking sad.
Bonus point for the funny but really horrible "Your pronouns are now Yes/Sir"

It's concise, the aesthetic is on point, and I really like the PBTA/Love-letter approach you've used for the infection. I can't wait to play it !

Hello ! I love this game, it's one of my favorite solo RPG and one of the few I own in physical copy !

I'm thinking of creating another game based on it, can I ? It will be something very different, but I love the old-school dungeon-crawl and simple mechanics of this game.

Great, glad they found a place in your games :D

Exactly yes ^^

Hey ! Really cool, simple and beautiful generator !
Do you plan to add a "Generate random" button ? For the extra surprises !

It's really more like a "guide", with random tables and ideas for each part ^^

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If you wanna try, I've written a solo adaptation of it, with a few random tables and suggestions to play it by yourself : <a href="<a href=" https:="""" en-lonesomebounties"=""></a>

As said by the author I think it alter the feel but it's an interesting experiment imo ^^

This game is a real nice surprise, efficient, quick, straight to the point !

Yeah HK is a gem, but it's hard to create something approaching in a RPG ! My version was more levily, "before the fall" in a way, 'cause you can interact more easily with the world, NPCs and all. I'm not totally sure it would be easys to make an empty world with lore written on objects  and still be interesting ôo

A few games to recreate that, at the top of my head :

You can check out UMBRA. It's a HK-ttrpg inspired and based on the LUMEN system, so fast paced combat. I'm not totally fond of how in this one they used states and well, since it's focused on combat, the exploration part is very thin. But it was a fun basis for us.
UMBRA by Star Bear Games (

I've seen the game Fireflight was out recently, which tries to emulate the metroidvania genre and with some souls-borne loneliness I guess.
There's a SRD to hack it !
Firelights by Fari RPGs (René-Pier Deshaies) (

There's DiceSouls, which have some neat mechanic to connect zones and explore the world ! And a good trick to recreate the "I've died against this enenmy, I'll be better next time"
Dice Souls by Chris Bissette (

Maybe RUNE, which is really a light-tactictal combat in Solo (No GM), and exploration on a map. It's not very HK, but there's some game design bits to steal I'm sure ^^
RUNE by Gila RPGs (

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Honestly, I don't think I'll have the courage to translate all this...
Most of this work was created for a few never-really-played campaigns other the years, that's why I've dumped them here so they can be a bit useful.
The PDF can be translated throu Google I guess, it's not so bad usually.

Is there a specific part of it that you're interested in ?

Oh this looks awesome ! Can't wait to try it !
Also, might be a fun thing to plug into a surpernatural game of some kind... :D

Hey ! Well no problem ^^
I don't think it's a great game, but I still like the idea and should revisit it some day !
Have a nice Jam !

Yeah I saw your tweet, thank you so much !
It was written pretty quickly, but I did my best to carry the question "How does an emotion evolves ?", happy it touched  something for some folks :D

(Oh you wrote You're sick ! I haven't play it yet, but it was such a strong concept, with an important thematic, I'm curious to run it some day !)

Yeah I think this one was to complicated and didn't end all to well on paper.
Score sums is not the sum of the dice :
1 dice = 1pt, bonus +1 if it's a 6.
You gain 1 additional point for each series of dice (so if there are equal dice, they don't count here)
You gain bonus points for identical notes, as noted.

Looking back, the count is ridiculously complicated I'm sorry =')

As an example : I choose Ballad as my difficulty, so I roll 4d6.
- First roll : 3, 4, 2, 2.
I keep the 3.
- 2d roll : 2,1,5.
I can only keep 2. So my 2 notes are : 3,2.
- 3rd roll : 6,5.
I can't keep either, so I discard one dice.
- 4th and last roll : 4.
I can keep it, and I'm left with 3 notes : 4,3,2.
- My score is : 1pt by notes, so 3 pts. 1 by notes in series, so 3 too. No six, so no bonus. No identical notes so no bonus.
My total is 6.
According to the Ballad difficulty rating, a socre of 6 is "Confirmed" which is not to bad but not amazing.

Hope this helps !

Hey, just to let you know I'll be playing this game next moth at my local Game's pub, where I organize TTRPG night for the customers !
I was searching for something quiet, suited for the season, so I'm gonna run it as a "winter emotional movie" rahter than only romantic and maybe tweak the numbers of characters up to 4 ('cause ALL the patrons have to be able  to play, so I go with 1 table=1 character, a tad strange but works very well !)
I'll let you know how it went, but I really liked my first reading of the game ! :D

That's indeed a missed opportunity on my part =')

Hey ! Just played the game, and it was really fun, loved  the mood !
I got the Bad end and Night shift one, pretty cool ways to end.

But I stumbled upon what might be an error : number 25 can leads you toward the back, with offices, but it tells you to go to "19", which doesn't add up ? It looks closer and more logical to lead to 27 ? Or did I miss something ?

Hey there !
Tried the tutorial this afernoon :

the game is great, like expected from you it's a bit crunchy without too much complexity to weight down the whole game. I'm excited to see all the various encounters and combat situation, and I'm not a fan of combat or system originally !

About the exploration, and Roleplay in a broader sense, I think the game lacks a bit here. Of course, the tactical part is not a so friend with RP but I think some Combat prompt might be interesting. I remember Ghostline has something like "if you battle a Ghost, choose a question to answer" or those type of things to bring some life into the world.
The Exploration part in the tuto was just a corridor so it's hard to know the exact feeling IG but I second Gullix above me,  to add open ended questions and things like that to help me immerse in the world more.

So I really like the mechanics, the setting and all the possibilities I can already envision !
Really looking forward to play more and see it grow !

I found some typo here and there in the Tutorial doc :

- p.4, start of the second paragraph : "You are AND engraved"
- The description for Radiant amulet is the same than Long sword.
- p.22 I don't understand the use of "travesty" here ? Maybe it's bcs I'm french and I miss something, but I feel like it's to convey the fire was some kind of a cover up for something but it wasn't hint at previously sooo... Don't know.
- The HP of the enemies don't match what you say in the tutorial and on the card, which is strange.
- Also, in the tutorial, at the start of every combat you say "you start with 10HP" but I believed we kept our HP at the end of the fight right ?

J'ai testé en live et c'était super !
Le contexte est très sympa, le système LEADS est utilisé de très chouette façon (et on a même un set-up des cartes plus fluide), le jeu est très jolie et je veux trop goûter tout ces thé que t'a inventé !
(D'ailleurs, téléchargez l'aide de jeu caché dans la section "Download demo" pour avoir un petit dico du goût ^^)

Vraiment très content, d'avoir pu le tester, et j'ai envie de le tester dans des contextes tout autre (genre Doctor Who avec du thé olalalaaaa)
Bien joué ! Et merci d'être passé pendant qu'on découvrait le jeu, c'était un plaisir :D

Fantastic ! I'll keep you updated !

What words ?

Hey ! This gale was my first soloRPG and so far it's also one of my favorite !

I'm French and I would love to be able to share with fellow french speaker, so could I translate it ?

(I backed Merger too, pretty harsh and ruthless game, and would also be interested to talk abt it later btw ^^)

Thanks for everything !

Hey, no problem for the time of response ! ^^

About the rules, I've never played Ironsworn so maybe it seemed less clear to a newbie like me.
But those rules are robust enough to endure a bit of "shuffling in the dark" (I hope you get it), since you advance the tracker when you think it's suitable and when you can try at any time to resolve the Case or any tasks, being a bit unsure abt the rules did not prevent me to play and have fun ! So that's pretty dope !

Yeah I've finished the Case and I was right ! It was an evil plot from an old noble familly, who was also the reason why the district went up in flames many years ago btw, woopsie !

Abt the vid, no problem go ahead, I'm glad if you think it's useful !

What a lovely people... !

I've just try this game on Twitch the other day, thanks for passing by ! ^^
For any French speaker I'll add the video of my discovery.
And a for a quick review in english too :

I really like the short format and the whole idea. The city feels kinda Bloodborne-ish and I like that, I'm curious to finish this case and discover other mysteries in this town !
I've never played Iron Sworn (not yet) but the rules are quiet easy to understand and simple, even thou the Tracks are something you have to get used to I think.
The text you have to complete at the start ensure a nice replay value, the random tables and Oracles are plenty and the map is a nice touch.
All of this in so little pages, it's really cool !

I did not understood how you regain Momentum but you've already answered that below.
The one thing I did not get was : how you increase the Case Track really ? When I've finished another Track I just gain 1 on the Case or is it something else ?

Really great, I'm curious to see where this is gonna lead me !
Thanks for the game :D

As I'm working on a solo ttrpg based on the same idea I'm happy to see fellows Archivist :D

I like the Token Mechanic, it's simple but works.
I would argue abt one thing : maybe it lacks a "special feature" really tied to the Statement part, Tapes, episodic-nature, censored and mysterious, or something like that tied to the show or themes of the game ?
More broadly, for now the game runs smoothly but may lack a bit of "personnality", a rule that's really tied to the mecanic AND the story/mood. Finding this mechanic is usually a good way to avoid being "just another horror game"

Don't know if you want to expand this game or make others, but I'll be curious to follow what's to come ! ^^

You've spot a mistake, weird phrasing or any broken-english thingy ? Please let me know, that's not my main language and bad worded rules can do real harm !

You've played the game and want to tell what works and what didn't ? Please do, I'm here for that !

Quick reminder tho : to criticize a work you don't have to be harsh or disrespectful, I'm a real person behind the screen.

You've just finished your first K7 ? You've recorded it, written it down or just want to make a quick summary for us ? The Archives are all ears !

Si vous voulez juste faire quelques retours sur votre expérience avec le jeu, ce qui a bien marché et ce qui a capoté, c'est par ici !

Rappel au cas où : je suis un vrai humain derrière mon écran qui lit les retours, donc faire des critiques ne veut pas dire être désagréable ou insultant.

Vous avez enregistré votre première K7 et vous l'avez enregistré d'une façon ou d'une autre ? Vous voulez en faire un compte-rendu ? Parfait, les Archives sont toutes ouïes !

I'm from Rouen so... You have my attention =')

C'est noté !
Excellent ! En plus, quand y aura une version complète, tu pourra rajouter le pt de vu des archivistes qui fouillent les témoignages enregistré en parallèle :D 

Haaa top !
Alors t'a bien compris l'idée : ici on joue le témoin mais dans la version complète on jouera la personne qui enregistre et réécoute tout ces témoignages en plus. (donc une casquette de plus, c'est pour ça que j'ai simplifié pour cette version.)

Y a eu des accros à la lecture, des mécaniques pas claire ou quoi ? Cette version démo est encore un peu jeune, il y a surement des choses à peaufiner, je suis preneur des retours si jamais ^^

Je suis entrain de réfléchir à comment créer un rythme "témoignage one-shot" et d'autres témoignages reliés ensemble, pour alterner comme dans les séries classiques + gérer les Vérités et des "points de vie" mais sans alourdir trop le tout.

Hé bha je connais pas SBtS mais je vais zieuter ça, ça a l'air intéressant ! Comment tu compte utiliser les règles de K7 avec ce jeu exactement ?
En tout cas je suis content que la mayonnaise ai plu et que ça te semble réutilisable !

J'ai juste eu à ajouter des tables aléatoires un peu spécifiques histoire d'aider, mais honnêtement le jeu est quasiment taillé pour du solo, c'est top !

Just to let you know : i just posted the solo-module !
Thanks again for all this !

Wonderful, thanks !

Hello ! This game is like... GREAT !
I had in my backlog for a while and jumped at the chance to try it and boy I wasn't disappointed !

Lately I'm playing a lot of solo-ttrpg, and I noticed this one game was particularly easy to turn into a solo game, with no GM, random character creation, and a pre-defined structured already here.
So I wrote document, a few random tables and some tips, to play it in Solo.
It's only in French for now, but would you mind if I uploaded it on Itch ?
It's really an "addon", you still need you game to play the thing, so I believe it's more polite to ask you first.

Thanks for the good work !