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I've just try this game on Twitch the other day, thanks for passing by ! ^^
For any French speaker I'll add the video of my discovery.
And a for a quick review in english too :

I really like the short format and the whole idea. The city feels kinda Bloodborne-ish and I like that, I'm curious to finish this case and discover other mysteries in this town !
I've never played Iron Sworn (not yet) but the rules are quiet easy to understand and simple, even thou the Tracks are something you have to get used to I think.
The text you have to complete at the start ensure a nice replay value, the random tables and Oracles are plenty and the map is a nice touch.
All of this in so little pages, it's really cool !

I did not understood how you regain Momentum but you've already answered that below.
The one thing I did not get was : how you increase the Case Track really ? When I've finished another Track I just gain 1 on the Case or is it something else ?

Really great, I'm curious to see where this is gonna lead me !
Thanks for the game :D

As I'm working on a solo ttrpg based on the same idea I'm happy to see fellows Archivist :D

I like the Token Mechanic, it's simple but works.
I would argue abt one thing : maybe it lacks a "special feature" really tied to the Statement part, Tapes, episodic-nature, censored and mysterious, or something like that tied to the show or themes of the game ?
More broadly, for now the game runs smoothly but may lack a bit of "personnality", a rule that's really tied to the mecanic AND the story/mood. Finding this mechanic is usually a good way to avoid being "just another horror game"

Don't know if you want to expand this game or make others, but I'll be curious to follow what's to come ! ^^

You've spot a mistake, weird phrasing or any broken-english thingy ? Please let me know, that's not my main language and bad worded rules can do real harm !

You've played the game and want to tell what works and what didn't ? Please do, I'm here for that !

Quick reminder tho : to criticize a work you don't have to be harsh or disrespectful, I'm a real person behind the screen.

You've just finished your first K7 ? You've recorded it, written it down or just want to make a quick summary for us ? The Archives are all ears !

Si vous voulez juste faire quelques retours sur votre expérience avec le jeu, ce qui a bien marché et ce qui a capoté, c'est par ici !

Rappel au cas où : je suis un vrai humain derrière mon écran qui lit les retours, donc faire des critiques ne veut pas dire être désagréable ou insultant.

Vous avez enregistré votre première K7 et vous l'avez enregistré d'une façon ou d'une autre ? Vous voulez en faire un compte-rendu ? Parfait, les Archives sont toutes ouïes !

I'm from Rouen so... You have my attention =')

C'est noté !
Excellent ! En plus, quand y aura une version complète, tu pourra rajouter le pt de vu des archivistes qui fouillent les témoignages enregistré en parallèle :D 

Haaa top !
Alors t'a bien compris l'idée : ici on joue le témoin mais dans la version complète on jouera la personne qui enregistre et réécoute tout ces témoignages en plus. (donc une casquette de plus, c'est pour ça que j'ai simplifié pour cette version.)

Y a eu des accros à la lecture, des mécaniques pas claire ou quoi ? Cette version démo est encore un peu jeune, il y a surement des choses à peaufiner, je suis preneur des retours si jamais ^^

Je suis entrain de réfléchir à comment créer un rythme "témoignage one-shot" et d'autres témoignages reliés ensemble, pour alterner comme dans les séries classiques + gérer les Vérités et des "points de vie" mais sans alourdir trop le tout.

Hé bha je connais pas SBtS mais je vais zieuter ça, ça a l'air intéressant ! Comment tu compte utiliser les règles de K7 avec ce jeu exactement ?
En tout cas je suis content que la mayonnaise ai plu et que ça te semble réutilisable !

J'ai juste eu à ajouter des tables aléatoires un peu spécifiques histoire d'aider, mais honnêtement le jeu est quasiment taillé pour du solo, c'est top !

Just to let you know : i just posted the solo-module !
Thanks again for all this !

Wonderful, thanks !

Hello ! This game is like... GREAT !
I had in my backlog for a while and jumped at the chance to try it and boy I wasn't disappointed !

Lately I'm playing a lot of solo-ttrpg, and I noticed this one game was particularly easy to turn into a solo game, with no GM, random character creation, and a pre-defined structured already here.
So I wrote document, a few random tables and some tips, to play it in Solo.
It's only in French for now, but would you mind if I uploaded it on Itch ?
It's really an "addon", you still need you game to play the thing, so I believe it's more polite to ask you first.

Thanks for the good work !

Ho, that's sweet ! (I don't really know how hard this thing is to be honest)

I'm just starting to discover the LUMEN system and its offspring, and OF COURSE I'm hyped for a Hollow Knight RPG !
I've just read it, and it looks great ! Can't wait to test it with my friends !

I was wondering if there was a chance of seeing Pregen Knights, for one-shots or help discover the game ?

We will play this with my partners when we will have some time, it's not common to stumble upon polyamorous themed-game, so I'm curious !
It looks simple but very nice, can't wait !

Awesome, thanks !

This was of course planned so great, thanks !

Ha yeah, I'm borrowing a bit from their ECB rpg too, small world eh !

Hey there! This is an awesome adaptation of Trophy, and I can't wait to make my player lose their Truths and hopes investigation after investigation...

Currently, I'm writing a hororbureaucratic solo-ttrpg, also based on Trophy and I love how you reflavoured Hunt rolls into Investigation rolls and Gold into Truth.
Could I use those in my game ?
I don't wanna steal or be rude, or anything, so would be cool if we could talk abt it !

Hey there, I'm working on a horror-bureaucratic solo ttrpg and I'd like to include something based on your Paperworks and Obfuscate system.
Would it be possible with proper credit ? Can we talk about it ? Don't wanna be a thief or a rude prick soooooo ^^

Hey there ! I don't know if I will have time or ideas to participate but thhis whole thing is really fun and great !
I was wondering if we could have a Drive or what to put all cards available, to quickly download everything and centralize a bit ? ^^

Well feel free to leave any feedback, I would be glad it this helped you!
And maybe check the inspiration also ^^
I'm looking forward to read your take on the subject ! :D

I don't want to be the one going into this big-slimy-whateverthisis-head !

I don't know YET, but I think it will be a simple system, with some random tables to allow improvising. And maybe Animal Crossing.
Will see !

By Lovecraft I would say "The Color out of space" and in non-Lovecraftian... I would say the serie of podcast "The Magnus Archive", there is something unknowable and beyond us that leaks out from every story and the overall narrative which is chilling and so interesting ! I'm only at season 2 so I don't know yet where it is heading thou

Helloooo ! Thanks fo running this, will try to come-up with something fun in a few days !

Yep, it's because the number on the tile tells you how many mines there is AROUND. So if a mine is surounded by safe tiles, it's gonna say 0. A bit tricky, I know ^^'

Great, I was worried that my comment was misunderstood ^^

Note that it's not a  critics, it's fine really! ^^

And your idea of different move type for pieces seems good too /o/

It's not chess nor checker! It's look like it, but it doesn't taste like it AT ALLLLLL

I've not understand ANYTHING of how it works, but since theres Quantum in the title I'm gonna gie you the socre of 20/10

This looks complex and awesome!  Was it not too complicated to make? =o

Anything new? You made me curious!!

It's a liiiiiiie!
(But it was a funny lie)

(1 edit)

Thank you sooooo much!  I  know I can write in french but it's a way to train my english and it makes it easier to share with others  in a way ^^

Ho yes, in french, most of the games with pieces like Chess or Checkers (Jeu de dame, in french) you "eat" other pieces. I had not think that maybe you don't say it like that in English,  I'm a bit dumb. 
It's funny, it doesn't "carry" the same idea this way. ^^
(And when you think about it it's a bit strange we use Eat in french... )

And thanks for my game! I hope it's not too hard and/or too talkative (I think it's the correct word ...?) 

Well hello there!
I have finish my game, it's a little something, but... I have written it in english, and I'm french. See the problem?
I don't know anyone talking english skilled enough so I'm gonna put my text here and if someone is kind enough to correct it it would be awesome!!
Thanks in advance!

Black King: So.
It's just us now.
White King: ...  
I'm afraid yes...
B.K.: You don't move ?
Fine, as you wish. Coward.
W.K.: ... Hehe...

B.K.: Why are you... ? 
Wait... What's this noise ?
W.K.: Ho, you have found out about my little traps ? 
I'm a bit sad I must say...
B.K.: It's... Bombs? You laid mines ??
W.K.: I can't hide anything to you I suppose... 
Well, good luck getting through the whole board without walking on one of my little gifts !
Hehehehehe !
B.K.: ... Just wait and watch, I'm going to kick your coward's ass !

W.K.: I can't wait hehe.

*B.K: So... At least I can hear them ticking... If I concentrate enough I should at least know how many mines are around each cases...

Alright king, time to show this fool what you can do... !*

    B.K.: I warn you, don't                              
    expect any kindness
    from I.
    B.K.: You're going to end up
    just like your people.


W.K.: Ho, you've come pretty far. I'm impressed !
You really deserve your reputation after all...
B.K.: I'm not going to die now, all of my men count on me and my dear Queen...
I owe them to defeat you !
W.K.: How sweet. And what about MY men and MY Queen ?!
I must admit you are pretty impressive, but you can't do this for ever.
Surrender or die, there is nothing else !

B.K.: This, we will see...

W.K.: ...
I have to admit: I'm a little...
Scared right now...

B.K.: It's about time !

You know, I had expect you to have run away a long time ago.

W.K.: ... To tell the truth... I can't really move.
B.K.: ... What ?

W.K.: Well... I've set the mines during the whole game so I'm not entirely sure of... Where they... Are...
B.K.: ... You are pathetic...

W.K.: Well, come tell it to my face if you dare !
B.K. I can't wait !

B.K.: Here you are !

W.K.: ...

B.K.: Anything to say before I eat you just like all your former partisans ?

W.K.: ... No.
Nothing to add.
B.K.: Well, your board is mine now !
W.K.: ...

B.K.: What had I told you ?
The victory is mine !
W.K.: ...

B.K.: And so is your board ! Another land to had to my kingdom !

W.K.: I've failed... And I've failed my people...
B.K.: It couldn't had gone any better: a coward like you had no chance to win.

W.K.: ... If you say so...

But trust me, one day, your reign will end. And if it's not by me, it's going to be by someone else.
You can't invade and rule for ever without payback.
B.K.: I am waiting for them, let them try !
You know pretty well how my ennemies end.
Enough talking.
Prepare to die !
W.K.: You've been warn...

    W.K.: You really think you're going to get me ?!
    You fool, no one ever succeed such a task, and you're not going to be the first, I can swear it !
    B.K.: Don't be so sure White King...
    W.K.: Yeah ?? Well, let's see how it goes !
You hear a scary *Click* and: "W.K.: How sad hehehe..."

You've eaten the White King. No one is around to celebrate with you, but you've win !