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Ah, great. Thank you.

Is there any information about what the system is like? Things like what dice you roll, etc, etc.

This looks really interesting, Ralph!

Fantastic game that I'm so eager to run. Also love the optional HTML format too!

Hi! Lovely game. I have a request. When you look at doing any future updates, could you look at adding a cell margin to all the tables? It's quite difficult to read and reference with out one.

For something that was supposed to be quite simple, the scenario's grown quite a bit, but I'm nearly done with the copy. Next step is giving it a decent layout and not just bunging in out on an A4 PDF!

So entering Cthulhu dreams while they lie sleeping in R'lyeh? Nice idea!

Recently read Palladium at Night by Christopher Slatsky and The Cipher by Kathe Koja, which were both excellent and refreshing non-Lovecraft cosmic horror.

(1 edit)

I’m working on a cosmic horror but non-Lovecraft Mythos that, obviously as well as the racism, tries to avoid some of the other problematic content of his. There are various parts to what the game - The Bone Orchard - will also involve, but part of it will be making scenarios with less word bloat and that are more useable at the table. My submission will be a sample scenario.

I struggle with Discord, but I’d give it another try.

Hello! Thanks for organising this. Very much appreciated.

I DON'T BELIEVE YOU! [downloads and rereads avidly anyway]

A4, but I'm sure people with more old school nostalgia would prefer the other two for its typewritten vibe.

Got it! I was going blind or something. Couldn't find it on DriveThru. It's there now. Looks great.

I bought this edition with the Kickstarter. Do backers get access to the revised edit?

Love me some eldritch horror, especially anything created by you, but can you tell us any more about it?