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Very very cool. Elegant, covers much of the gameboy game. I’d recommend adding some sort of element system (water type vs fire type etc.)

I ditto Colt - genius

Amazing - I’ve been getting fascinated with Alice in Wonderland-esque adventures and I definitely want to try this out. Like how narrative focused it is.

Awesome idea - I really like the movie groundhog day - I can see running this as a time loop scenario.

Really really cool! One of the best graphically-designed TTPRGs I’ve seen on

Nice - like all the zany dream worlds you created for everyone to explore.

Very cool art and writing style througout. Impressed you were able to make a 1d4 system work - looks really cool and fits the Kobold theme. Amazing stat and class names, lol.

Thank you! Glad you liked it! Yes, good idea will def be expanding on those.

This draft I tried to keep to one page - will be making a Zine version that will allow me a bit more room.

Very cool - liked how you were able to greate a Vampire atmoshere with pixel graphics. The feeding system and how it would impact power balance was cool. Will share this with my Vamp players

One note - on one area I was able to walk off the map (left side of screen). Character just disapeared - luckily he was able to get back onto the map easily and finish his quest successfully. Not sure I understood dread gaze - didn’t crash for me but I am not sure I fully got mechanic.

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The Martian Muckraker now has an Insta - feel free to join to see more surreal Tarot images, Pixel art and more! TheMartianMuckraker

Dude, the art is SO CREEPY. Reminds me of the “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” series. And the lore you put together for all the monsters is really cool. I like your character creation system too - not too rules heavy not too rules light.

Great job coming up with all of the story elements. I really like location #4 - so many fun adventures to right off of that. And great visiual theming as well.

I have never played Monsterhearts II actuaully. I like how you were able to hit alot of themes / references to lovecraft - would definitely be a fun character to play.

Thanks for sharing this - I hadn’t heard of Mörk Borg before. Seems like a cool rules-light system and I like how you translated it to the mythos.

​Really cool. Fun Tarot mechanic and plenty of potential mysterious events for roleplay. The premise of the game, that the sleeping pills the character is using are feeding into their lovecraftian nightmares is unique. Thank you for sharing!

This is really cool! I like how it allows for story prompts to be random yet ensures they occur in the order a cosmic horror story takes. And very nice presentation as well.

We are looking for playtesters - anyone interested in trying the games out?

We are trying to get playtesters on the Discord - its been proving tough due to international time zones Feel free to hop on the server and see if anyone is at a combatible time with you.

New link:

Sounds like a cool idea! With both franchises interested in dreams it seems they could mesh in trippy ways.

Want to meet other jam members? We now have a discord server!

We have a server!

Ok maing one now . . .

As the title suggests - would we like a discord server so we can bounce ideas off eachother and the like?

What is your favorite Cosmic Horror story?

If we go lovecraft I am partial to “The Shadow Over Innsmouth.” It’s one of the stories of Lovecraft where the character has a “front row seat” as it were to the strange things going on (as opposed to researching them or viewing them from a distance for most of the story.) I also feel like the ending deserves a sequel.

Outside of Lovecraft the book “Meddling Kids” has some fun tongue-and-cheek references to Lovecraft. Highly recommend.

This is a place to share a bit about what projects you have underway and ask for feedback.

Hello everyone and welcome to the Cosmic Horror Tabletop RPG Jam. This is a place to ask questions about the jam or discuss the Jam in general.

Any RPG content is welcome including

  • RPG Systems
  • One Page RPGs
  • RPG Scenarios
  • Maps of Lovecraftian Locals
  • Artwork for Tabletop Lovecraftian tokens

The only requirements are:

  • No promotion of hate toward any group. No promotion of Lovecraft’s racism.
  • No piracy
  • No NSFW content
  • Include trigger warnings
  • Games must be created within 2021. Your project need not be made solely for this jam, but should have been made in 2021.
  • Must connect to Cosmic horror in some way. But this does not necessarily mean it connects to Lovecraft - you can create your own mythos.
  • Unusual takes or parodies of the genre are welcome as well.
  • Entries do not need to take place during the time Lovecraft was alive. Any point in time or alternate worlds are welcome.

Thank you very much axoona! I appreciate it. And a Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays & a Happy New Year!