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Will be releasing a Kaiju campaign of pre-made adventures soon.

Really well done. Fun mazes / twists and cool aesthetic

Amazing artwork, great mystery and fun characters! I ditto all Studio Lemi says. I enjoyed it very much. Could see potential in Grea returning for other adventures.

Hello - thank you for letting me know. Were you using the Windows version or the web version? (And if web which browser) If you can let me know it might help me fix it.

Thank you Lunar! Yes I hope this VN (and some other projects down the line) help people see what kind of narratives Under a Hostile Sun can explore.

Some of the strategy of the ttRPG game does depend on a map (do I have the time to run over and collect? Should I just run to safety? Is collecting X worth getting close to the lava pit . . .)

I do have a base-building adventure in progress!! Very excited for that. Will introduce recipes for Components (SS+OO=Acid. Acid+MM= PowerCell)

Informal Playtest Activity - Feel free to comment with a Homebrewed potion and what its final recipe would be based on Alchemy Table 1A&1B.

I ditto all the below - really captures the comic-booky feel. Great job on the layout/graphic design.

I love the graphic design - very well done. Interesting images, but still clear and easy to read.

Mechanics are elegant. It does look like a great OPRPG.

Is this project still going?

A character sheet template that allows for easy tracking of resources is now available on PlayRole


Paizo is soliciting public feedback on the ORC License. Please give it a read and provide feedback.

Please read the license carefully AND read the AxE before you comment.

This is a historic moment for the RPG community!

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I enjoy goofing around with Photoshop. If we like, I can make illustrations of some of the more creepy or trippy stuff to illustrate the rooms.

Post here if you want me to make an image for your room, and describe what you want.

You can see my Photoshop work at Hostile Sun or Martian Muckraker.

P.S. Just posted on Ginny Di’s server (I’m on her Patreon). They seem fairly flexible in their “Show Off” channel so I don’t think it will be removed. But that is (hopefully) a decently large network.

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Cool - added some high level ideas for a frozen vampire sample room with a “Goosebumps: Monster Blood” vibe to room 28. Will add more soon

Cool, thanks for adding me.

I don’t have a super large network myself - most of the ppl on this jam found it simply through the Open Game keyword (I presume).

Will share with those I can.

As for the gods and the masters, I do notice that things tend to get out of hand without both. Case in point - if I could do this jam again I would more clearly define what (really) is an open game. Anyhow, Will start finding some rooms to populate.

For your jam itch page , you should consider shaking up the color scheme a bit - default grey might not be as inviting.

BTW - your BIND is really nicely laid out. I always appreciate good graphic design in a ruleset - what software did you use?

Also - from my first quick read - rules seem very elegant. Well done. I like that attributes and skills can be mixed and matched.

Just requested access. True to brand, my alien cartoon is the avatar. @gaberelich is the name.

I see the description of the thawing ice caves as the metanarrative of the dungeon - so are you going to assign me a room in the complex?

I am excited to participate! Heading to work now, will join the Gitpage when back. Sounds like a fun idea.

Update- the Demeter VI adventure now has been edited to reflect the change from fixed opportunity to an Opportunity Die, and new tokens, maps and creature cards have been added.

Episode III shows my playtesters learning the new Alchemy system! They enjoyed the wide range of creativity and ease of use.

Episode II of our playtest is up! And I was able to adjust OBS Studio to prevent audio clipping. Let us know what you think, what questions you have and what you would like to see!

And any likes help us share the game development process with others.

Thx for checking it out! Will be looking into ways to improve the quality of audio over the week. We are stuck with the mics we have for the time being. But Adobe has done wonders for me before . . . hopefully there is a way to maximize the quality with our hardware.

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See the ongoing development process in action! First of (at least) 3 recorded playtest videos coming.

We have a Trailer now!!! Show it some love so we can appease the Great Deity Algo Rhy Thm and share the game with others!

I must say, the graphic design on the project is top notch! And very cool to see a genre not sufficiently explored by current RPG games getting explored in this project. Well done.

If you are interested, feel free to share with the Open Gaming Jam also -

Either way, great game, thanks for sharing. Know some friends who will like this.

Your graphic design is on point. Very cool. Awesome prompts.

For those not on the Discord - I am hoping we can playtest each others games! Feel free to post here if you are interested to be a playtester or want to have yours playtested!

One last thing . . . READ YOUR LICENSE YOURSELF. Every person should know what’s on the dotted line before they sign.

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Hey -

TR;DR The RPG community has a wide variety of degrees of Openess that serve different purposes. I will let you judge what is best for your use case. I myself like CC Pro-Commercial Not-Require Share Alike Attribution. You can totally have an open game that you charge for.(More on that below)

So there are degrees of open that the RPG community has used. (Really high level) The Basic Roleplaying Game System has a license that prevents the users from using Insanity mechanics (and insanity by any other name) in their games. Why? Because the creaters what to protect their work Call of Cthulhu and so they released the core of the system on the caveat that you would avoid that specific mechanic to protect them.

Others like Fate have released most everything, in part because the system was made to work for everything and the protects made from the system weren’t tied to one genre.

Some people like to require Share Alike. Others don’t require Share Alike. Every open game has found a way to protect something (as they should). So D&D had the OGL but didn’t apply it to their books they made a System Reference Document that specifically excluded (among other things) Beholders etc. That way they (old Wizards of the Coast) could share what they wanted to share, but keep enough to protect themselves.

Here’s the caveat, the more your license “looks over the shoulder” of the people using it, the more people will be nervous about it. FATE (I believe) somewhere (I need to find this . . . ) talked about why one of their licenses didn’t require “Share Alike”. They wanted their system to be used with characters etc. that ppl wanted to protect. If they required Share Alike people may be nervous as to whether there was a reasonable way for them to make use of the system without losing their characters.

I like (personally) CC Pro_Commercial, Not Share Alike Attribution. Because I feel that, as long as I am attributed, I have already have protection for my original. People will think “Oh cool this cool thing was forked from this . . .” I don’t want to forbid commercial, and I don’t want people to worry that if they use mine they will be forced to share IP that they, for their use case, can’t share yet. (Or won’t ever share yet)

Some people, really wanting to remove any barrier from their ideas getting out there, have even Public Domained stuff. I (myself) have never done that:

If I have a Open House at Christmas. I am inviting (my friends and family) to my open house. But not necessarily my private bathroom / bedroom. So an “Open Game” (which will be for more than your friends and family) does not mean you have invited ppl to use everything. And in my case, the invitation to my “house” includes the attribution requrest. Just as your invitation to your (real) house/apartment may include a “take of your shoes on the carpet request” Having (reasonable) strings does not mean you aren’t being open.

“Under a Hostile Sun” in its final form will have a lot of Campaign Setting stuffs I am not going to include in the SRD.

So if (I don’t think I will but if) I wanted to Charge for Under a Hostile Sun, I would make the SRD free (because its licensed) but the storylines I wrote aren’t, and thus by extenstion the specific way I use these rules for the specific storylines I wrote are not licesned either.

Very very cool. Elegant, covers much of the gameboy game. I’d recommend adding some sort of element system (water type vs fire type etc.)

I ditto Colt - genius

Amazing - I’ve been getting fascinated with Alice in Wonderland-esque adventures and I definitely want to try this out. Like how narrative focused it is.

Awesome idea - I really like the movie groundhog day - I can see running this as a time loop scenario.

Really really cool! One of the best graphically-designed TTPRGs I’ve seen on

Nice - like all the zany dream worlds you created for everyone to explore.

Very cool art and writing style througout. Impressed you were able to make a 1d4 system work - looks really cool and fits the Kobold theme. Amazing stat and class names, lol.

Very cool - liked how you were able to greate a Vampire atmoshere with pixel graphics. The feeding system and how it would impact power balance was cool. Will share this with my Vamp players

One note - on one area I was able to walk off the map (left side of screen). Character just disapeared - luckily he was able to get back onto the map easily and finish his quest successfully. Not sure I understood dread gaze - didn’t crash for me but I am not sure I fully got mechanic.