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About some of the criteria

A topic by Jacoder23 created May 25, 2018 Views: 255 Replies: 3
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Okay, so what if someone decides to go for a heavily-narrative focused game? Lets say they decide to make it about taking care of a small section of an ocean, where you can see and influence the lives of the marine creatures living inside your little section. Soon enough, your little part of the ocean is beautiful underwater ecosystem. You grow attached to it. You begin checking on the "citizens" of your small domain, remembering some of them, making sure they're still alive.

Then slowly, the game begins to get harder as the oceans become hotter and more acidic. Soon your coral reef is bleached, and many creatures die due  and everyone is dying due to the sudden change in the ecosystem. After a long painful fight, you realize that your small domain is gone. Everything has died. And you've lost. (I probably got some parts of this wrong, I'm not a scientist [yet])

I feel like if done right, this type of game could send a very strong message to the player and spread awareness in a way that doesn't just show the player the damage being caused, but makes them feel it. It could help teach players about one small part of the world, one part that is dying.

A type of game like that is definitely has very little replayability. I would probably not enjoy playing through that again once the twist was revealed. I'm not sure if replayability is a very good way to rate something like this. Perhaps change it with a different piece of criteria? Engagement is a possibility. A game that makes you want to play it over and over again is definitely engaging (unless it's something that relies on making players into addicts), and one that drags you into it's world and tugs at the heartstrings is also engaging, but not replayable.

(Am I making too much of a fuss about this? I saw this jam posted on Reddit and immediately went mad with excitement)

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You're not being fussy, it's a super good point. Engagement makes much more sense! Looking forward to seeing your idea take shape.


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