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lets get this to the front page of youtube

is htis based on the game boy animorphs game

I played and voted


i made my character how do i date the genetlemen and woman

i dont like it i cant see

theres a glitch i cant open the door


ok i play game?

the game page isnt even public and zero time dilemia is the worst game in the series plotwise just putting it out there

i think use wasd so make click on bird or w move bird

the guy who made this game is a keyboard turner he uses arrow keys to move in gmaes

i added a new song to the desc of the game

ok i download game


(1 edit)

do i have to get to a certian point of the game to newgame+ when i game over? i've died in the game so many times(to the 2nd bedbug enemy encounter) and i dont get the newgame+ prompt at all

game does crash. is it gonna be fixed?

whats the lisence, 

i downloading game this desc of game reminds me of the center orb area in Code Lyoko and the movie Cube 2: Hypercube

-_- ???????????

havent played it yet but make sure to download the game ppl reading hte comments

i dont know if you've read buissness insider, but roblox is one of the fastest growing companies and is worth more than a billion dollars. You are only gypping yourself by being an indie game dev that is afraid to make a roblox account.

Roblox is free and made by a multi billion company and is the future of online gaming. Not sure why you are too afraid to install it and make an account on a website that lets you design multiplayer indie games and gives you free already working multiplayer and free servers, and lets you make millions of dollars off of said games.

setting up the bear traps is slang for when they set up nooses on trees in the slavery days

first to comment theres a racist joke in here



it is in the game jam for free

none of the buttons do anything yet but looks cool so far!

Funny Game

it cost money to put game to steam

they dont work on this version anymore, they have a steam version.  heres better places to contact them for suggestions:

great job on this one

i as well

thgis game so sad

it so good

this game costs more money than linux why should i get this game over linux

email me a vr headset so ic an play

how do play

do you know roblox