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theres no game here

wheres the game

because they are depserate for views

plays like a roblox game

great question

i had to use save states to change levels i couldn't figure out how to get out of the first area without save states 

There are people uploading characters from this as NFTs and naming them "Alien Girls" on Openseas

This is a reply

you can use reddit too they have forums for Anime and Games there too

ya'll know discord and amino are free apps for your phone right you don't have to use the comments of an avatar maker like a forum

this is a comment section for a game what does scratch have anything to do with this

this game looks cool but i physically am unable to play this with keyboard there is no way i can press y to dash while my left hand is pressing shift and x and my left hand is pressing left and right, please put the jump button within reach of either the left or right hand

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up vote if terry cavnaugh sent you(they made vvvvvv)

this doesn't look as official or big as 2018's climate jam was but ill still be going for gold agian this time

someone ported this game to roblox and then the most popular roblox youtuber played it lol

still a good game ive beaten this game three times i never 100% the pages or lootboxes though

the you won/ you died menu doesnt respond to my mouse but the music sounds like horror game

i cant find remote

i couldnt get out of the cheat mode by clicking the islands

why does double clicking on the first boss fight on the map give me near infinite money and unlock every map in the game

the bosses are so hard where do i go for more level ups

theres no download link

you cant just make a game and have the desc tell people to join your discord and then not link the discord

this game is rigged the ice cream look like a cat and the cat look like a ice cream i agree with the other guy there should be pvp and battle royale

you have to run a 64 bit emulator maybe

bad memes and plays obnxious loud music watch out don't play with headphones or just in general it is so loud

whoever made the game with the pistol and the enemies have shotguns and halberds if ur reading this u can get out of bounds in the second level and then fall down a hole you can't get out of i thought id find a secret down there but i just got stuck and couldn't reset the level

where do i run after make sauna

yea that would help

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the way the game is set up on the "world map" makes me scared if i stop playing in one sitting the next playthrough ill not be able to find the next place to go. Also nearly everytime i don't notice the jellyfish until its right on top of me and i get scared everytime (not necessarily a bad thing all the other enemies are pretty easy)

cool more consistent planet update

good game i did not like it i was uncomfortable the entire time especially when the cloud started going at my insecurities and i couldn't find the other two keys. Played for free but put in 2 bucks after i finished

how did you spell more as "Gore" g is on the opposite side of the keyboard butterfingers

waht the shit pickle

one of the other players was hacking and then another one tried to troll me in chat but wouldn't join the other team to fight me and then he crashed the servers cuz i wouldn't talk to him can u fix the servers also my friends couldn't find me even when we joined the same server so theres a glitch

that'd be cool do i have to start over though im fine with that just asking

i can also make as much money as i want by mass crafting laser rifles, they also spawn with ammo so they basically only cost 1 iron ore and 1 carbon to make 100-140 credits