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Cycle 28 is now available on itch for $4.49/Β£3.59/€4.49 (which is 10% off for this week).

Cycle 28 is a momentum-based space shooter with screen-shaking explosions and a mystery at its heart. First you think it's an arcade game: simple controls, powerful upgrades, and intense dogfights. But you’re stuck living the same day over and over, trying to find out who the enemy are, and what they want.

To find out where the idea of Cycle 28 came from check out our latest devlog.


I'm uploading a lets play now, will post when done.  Can you guys email my swansea email address with all your student numbers?

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Tip for future, zip together the .exe and Data folder and upload that... downloading now

This is really good Jack. You picked something which was achievable during a gamejam. The mechanics are clever and have great potential. I like that there was lots of interesting player choice. As with all alpha games - work on the tutorial! I'm uploading a LP video now.

This was quite ambitious for your first game. First person games are very tricky! The potential of the idea is good, if you continue working on it I would try and get written permission to use that music - technically you are breaking the law.

Please keep making games, keep making small games, you'll get better each game you make.

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:) I'm going to work on the steam version as long as people are interested, then move on to my next project.  

Not sure what to do with that... people obviously really like the idea of an evolution game ....but I have a space RTS/god game in my head right now...

Follow the instructions I sent in the e-mail

You can only get a steam key if you bought it on itch or claimed an itch key and linked it to your account.

It sounds like there is a device on your computer giving constant axis input. Whenever people have had this before it's been something random like an audio mixer.

They do self-perpetuate. They also compete with each other. Sometimes adding too many can stop them being able to spread by themselves. I don't want to say too much myself (other than what I've already said :P)

Created a new topic Achievement Suggestions

Hey guys,

I'm currently waiting for my business bank account to open and once that's done I'll be able to sign up for a developers account on steam. Once that is done I can start adding steam specific features to the game, like achievements.

I talk a bit about my thoughts on achievement design in this blog give it a read and if you have any ideas you would like to share post them here!

All the best


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I talk about it a bit here (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails...) sorry for formatting on mobile.

Starting a company is taking longer than expected, i don't want to release around a steam sale so currently I'm aiming for a May release.

The game is pretty much done, just need to add steam features which i can't do before my company is established. Then most of the work is marketing related - trailers, screenshots, logos, press releases etc.

Thanks for the data and kind comments. Early reviews are going to make or break steam success so thanks!

:) Awesome


As I am preparing to form a company to sell Intelligent Design I'm realising this is going to start costing me a bit of money. For that reason I'm stopping giving away the game for free. I genuinely think the game I've made is worth paying for with the improvements I've made over the past few months, the free version was devaluing it I think.

I want to make sure people who don't have a PC powerful enough won't waste their money, so I need a realistic minimum system specification.

At the moment I've just put my system spec because I know the performance is fine on my system. However I'm sure it will run on lower spec than mine. If you guys could help me with an idea of what systems you run I'd really appreciate it.



If it seems better with a 360 controller plugged in it might support the idea that a random device is being detected as an axis. Have you tried customising the controls? I would remove everything and build them from scratch.

Click on the science check box at the top of the screen. Once you have enough science you can unlock the abilities there and use them in the genetics panel.

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v1.6 Release Notes (05/03/2017)

  • Changed some wording for controls
  • Removed save location text
  • Research UI stays when looking at a research station
  • Improvements to memory management
  • Fire effect looks correct on larger plants
  • Performance improvements
  • Re-balanced level curves
  • Added background panels to UI
  • Buildings menu appears when upgrade button is available - to help you compare prices of upgrades to buying new buildings
  • Improved control information

You are the first person to report a problem like this so no patches at the moment!

My gut feeling would be that something (HOTAS, steering wheel, trackpad) plugged into your PC is being picked up as a controller axis. When you launch the game check the controller configuration in the launcher and remove all references to any axis - (or at least assign it to something you don't use) these are for controller controls if you are using keyboard and mouse you don't need them. Let me know if this helps.

(actually now I think about it I think one other person had the same issue and it turned out to be a random periphral)

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it's an old version but a really nice review

Yeah, with the radar if you do that it introduces a bug which stops you changing the radius.

I've not been on indiegogo :)

You have to use the D-PAD to highlight the button - it will turn red - then hit the A button.

The gene names are deliberately vague, I want people to try and figure it out together. The odd player has tried to start a thread (see the subreddit) to get people talking but no one ever responds! I guess we haven't reached a critical mass of players.

The controls are listed and customisable in the launcher along with graphics options... but I hear what you are saying.

Speeding up time is too computationally expensive, you would need a super computer to run the simulation faster than real time.

A lot of other games like this don't actually model individual behaviours and physics, it's based on statistics and probability. Which is why they can be sped up.

I've tweaked the model so that generations don't last very long to try and speed up the effect of evolution.

The game is meant to be subdued and relaxing, the pacing is part of that design. It's not for everyone for sure.

Make sure your plants are spread out, they compete with each other for resources. I usually spend the first day just letting the plants get established before introducing herbivores. (While I'm building collectors and research stations). As you unlock the plant genes you can try and design more robust ones.

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v1.5 Release Notes (08/02/2017)

  • When you look at a research station the relevant button is selected automatically
  • You can no longer accidentally select the system menu when navigating with the cursor keys
  • Tutorial message stays on screen more
  • Fixed bug in creature behavior and improved performance
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No problem dude...

I'll take a look at the control stuff, I left the customise controls stuff in the launcher I figured that works better than anything I can implement...

Posted in My error logs.

There is more info here, hope it helps. These kinds of problems are a pain they can be so random...


Posted in My error logs.

Looks like the errors you are getting could be hardware related...


Posted in My error logs.

Let me know what happened, what you are running and either paste or screenshot I don't mind.


Posted in My error logs.

All I can see is a date, did you mean to post a screenshot?

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v1.4 Release Notes (29/01/2017)

  • Replaced text to speech with voice acting by Daniel van der Winkel
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It's up

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I'll compile a build when I get home from work :)

So you are managing to run the Mac build fine? Maybe only people who can't run it let me know...

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v1.3 Release Notes (25/01/2017)

  • Fixed bug where cursor doesn't appear in main menu
  • Replaced genetic code with names in the dropdown unlock menu
  • Added an 'Unlock All' button in the system menu which unlocks all genes without the need to research science.
  • Introduced premium version, this version, the demo will be frozen at v1.2
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v1.2 Release Notes (19/01/2017)

  • Attempt to fix a cursor bug with linux build
  • Improved performance of creature AI