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Intelligent Design: An Evolutionary Sandbox

A toy ecosystem with fully simulated genetics and evolution. · By Pill Bug Interactive

Guide for MacOSX compatibility Sticky

A topic by sylina created Jun 15, 2020 Views: 531 Replies: 15
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I'm running MacOSX Catalina and sadly the game won't run/the application won't open.. is it not compatible with my system?


No, Apple changed some stuff which made developing for Mac's really difficult for small teams like us. 

The only issue is that the launch file isnt marked as executable. Im not sure if apple prevents you from changing this but all you should need to do is manualy mark the file "Kind" as "Unix executable". If you cant do this then I Highly suggest linking to a guide so people can easily fix the game themselves all you need is to drag the launch file after the command chmod +x 


I'll add a link to this thread in the description, thanks. The problem we have is that Apple don't care about backwards compatibility at all, we used to recompile stuff every time they broke something - but more recently they made a change requiring developers to pay for some kind of certification (can't remember exactly what it's called). This is why with a few Unix commands you can get the game working - it works but Apple are trying to enforce a closed ecosystem. They literally stopped most games working overnight - Steam took the step to add a layer which somehow bypassed it - but it's a bit of a hack. (They happened to introduce this around the same time they announced that game pass thing btw) 

I know this is probably frustrating but if we knew in advance we wouldn't be able to keep up with this stuff we wouldn't have released a Mac OS version. 

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I understand this is frustrating so I decided to try and help(not sure if this is helpful but I hope its a start). This issue in particular is one I have seen only some people have a problem with.  I downloaded several games from Itch io that didn't have this issue which made me suspect there was a workaround.  I spent some  time researching and it seems this is actually an issue with .zip compression. Im not a developer so I cant help too much but here is what I found.

the other solution I heard is to use .TAR

the comments on this thread are quite informative

It seems that macs default zip compression does not properly store metadata so you need to use the [ditto] command

I also found this although you probably already read it

I hope that helped some :)


Thanks - my interpretation of the problem was wrong sorry.


I've uploaded a tar which hopefully will help.

Just tested it and can confirm it is fixed. Thank you!

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I had the same problem (it just said "the application IntelligentDesignMac can't be opened"), but could actually fix it by going through these steps: Basically navigate to the app in terminal and then  chmod +x it. (That guide assumes you have it in Applications, but it is easy to translate to other places)

I've been trying but my terminal keeps telling me "no such file or directory" 

After which command? It looks like a problem of navigation, but maybe it's something else. I did it by directly opening terminal at the folder the game came in by right-clicking the folder, then doing " cd IntelligentDesignMac ", " cd Contents/MacOS ", "chmod +x * ". That star should mean the game, since there's nothing else in the folder. Hope you can get it to work!

I typed this in my terminal but its not opening anything sadly :( 


cd Applications

 cd /Applications/IntelligentDesignMac-2 

 cd /Applications/IntelligentDesignMac-2/ 

 cd /Applications/IntelligentDesignMac-2/ 

 chmod +x /Applications/IntelligentDesignMac-2/ 

Well, you shouldn't do any of the cd commands, since you chmod the full name of the file anyway. You should just open a fresh terminal window at your user and directly do " chmod +x /Applications/IntelligentDesignMac-2/". Doing the cds is exactly what changes the navigation. Sorry if I confused you!


OMG thank you thank you thank you <3 It is working now! Sorry for my lack of knowledge about how to use the terminal but you've been very helpful!

A better reccomendation is to right click on the app click show package contents and then open the MacOS folder in that and drag the file to a terminal with the line chmod +x (with a space after x) already typed in this will automaticaly do what you need without having to cd

To clarify for Mac users:  You need to right click the unzipper file and Open Package THEN navigate to Contents>MacOS>IntelligentDesignMac and drag THAT file into the Terminal with a chmod +x command as described above.