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Ran this paired with another simple adventure and had loads of fun.  

Favorite moment was when the players questioned a frogling outside of the town about 'magic inside the city'.  He would describe various technical or aesthetic things (the watermill, horseback frog soldiers cantering along in their finery, tinsmithing, loans) and exclaim "is that the sort of magic you mean?"  He conly got around to the curse on the fourth or fifth go.

Love this system.  Fast and simple and just about perfect.  

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I have no idea!  Absolutely none.  Maybe just do it?  

Stan:  I don't want to play this.  There's no character sheet.

Kcnieman:  There's no charsheet anywhere in the worksite?  Mission Control says to check your auxiliary R-A-2 pouch.  

Stan:  What?  No.

Kcnieman:  Look on your right leg, bright orange stripe.  Pull it and it velcros off.

Stan:  No, I want to do D&D.

 Kcnieman:  The pouch has a clabber tie to untwist, then the packet unrolls.  Charsheet is a pull out in the third case slot.

Stan:  Stop.

Kcnieman:  Okay.


Such an excellent set up.  

Playing in the browser I'm unable to use the question tool on the magnifying glass.  Maybe I'm doing it wrong, who knows.  It's not working is all I can say.

Ah, I thought I removed that!  The cards are no longer used!  Totally unneeded.  I'll try to update it.

It really is magic that when I give stuff away for free that there are folks that step up and make it worth my while!  So kind of you!

You've actually gotten me re-excited about work I put down some time ago.

"He's dead, you fool" was such a great line!

This game had its start, believe it or not, in recreating two things:  The film trope where someone in a headset is guided through a heist by others AND 1970s astral spirit research where a researcher asks someone in a state what they see and where they are going.  

The fit is there, sort of.  I qualify this because in those stories things happen, and usually with economy and speed.  Apollo 47 is Harley Warren saying "Okay, I see more steps.  Corkscrew to the left.  The walls are damper now.  AHH, oh it's a root.  A root touched me. <three minutes of silence> Hang on, the cable is tangled <two minutes of silence> The walls are pure dirt now..."

I'm making all sorts of negative noises but, dang, I'd love to listen to a half hour of people picking their way through cyclopean masonry and reminding each other ever five minutes to take a pull on the bottled oxygen and have you been marking the path properly?

Holy shit, they've ADDED SO MUCH since last time I looked!  

There are thousand+ page mission transcripts!

I... I... It just doesn't feel right to include the manuals in the PDF.  The game isn't about the manuals, it doesn't need the manuals.  The book isn't about the game because it has the manuals.  The book is about bloat and comedy. 

They are two separate things.  

The good news is that the NASA manuals for the entire Apollo series are on the NASA website, free for the downloading: is just a sample.  There's lots of pages like this.

I'm so glad to hear that!  It's all part of the ruse.  

The book starts out pleasant.  It gives you a fun time, it listens to your stories, you watch tv together.  It starts helping around the house and balancing your checkbook.  Next thing you know it's wearing your favorite hat taking out a mortgage in your name.  

Not enough folks mark up RPG books, in my opinion.  We should be living in the things and making them ours.  

Photo de la page Exemple de partie, montrant une liste de souvenirs écrits en anglais, avec des flèches un peu partout, reliant les noms des personnages à plusieurs mots-clefs

With all your post it notes and things I briefly fooled myself with the drawn lines in the book!

700 points!

I think the best time among the development team and playtesters is 8 seconds.

<high fives!>

"Frog and Toad Stab Shit" is a great look.

This looks fantastic!  The art is so good.

Oh, it's working now!  On my plays yesterday the screen seemed to be zoomed way in and the white ball was bobbling just in and out of sight in the upper right.  Looks good now.  

Let me know if you want me to delete the original comment or leave it.

It's not working for me.  Chrome on Mac.

The descriptive sentence of this game is so evocative.

What a magnificent thing.

Why did I limit this to two players?

This made me happy


Gamer brain is the worst until it becomes the best and you accidentally make a new game!  The best thing about TYOV is that it's resilient, you can't really break it by messing up small things.  Or even big things.

I, the creator, have played this innumerable times and haven't yet felt it was reptetititiitve.  

Something went screwy with the DTRPG version so I made it unavailable and never bothered to fix it.  It was only there to help out folks overseas who couldn't afford shipping, with UK and other options now it's less of an issue.  

3rd printing is identical to 2nd.  2nd is slight improvement on 1st.

You can put a partially filled Memory into a Diary, but you can't add more Experiences to that Memory after you do so.  

When you put a Memory into a Diary your character functionally forgets it.  That Memory slot is now free for all new Memories, the Memory that was there is now a Diary entry.

You should only be putting Memories into a Diary when you are out of Memory slots.  Don't casually add three Memories to a Diary, that's just not the way the game is supposed to work mechanically.  

Does this help?

You roll and start counting from Prompt 1.  

Where did you buy it?

Ah!  I've been avoiding flattening the text.  But maybe a flat-flat is better than nothing...

Thank you!

What tool are you using to make a flattened PDF?  I'm not incompetent but I couldn't manage to flatten the TYOV PDFs.

OH MY GOSH!  I dunno what happened but I think it's fixed now.  

Wait!  When you download here you don't get a .zip file with multiple versions of TYOV in it?  

OOOH! Email me at

The zip where you got the PDF should also have a plaintext version!  Let me know if it's not there.

In a case like this you can just make up a lost resource.  "My mother's amethyst pendant, long forgotten, now hangs around the neck of the young queen; whoever did this knew it would drive me mad, and now I have both the pendant and a midnight regicide to my name–I am hunted."

Yeah, that's a mistake all right!  I think four is the better number.