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I do not! 

I play in a soulless, dead-eyed text doc with a plain font. It is functionally invisible. 

It would be interesting to keep shifting to new period fonts while playing the game.

Awesome! There's no rush on buying a physical copy–I ain't running out anytime soon.

I, too, am curious about that. I'm writing the sequel and I know I had a system but I can't remember what it was. Seriously. Let me think...

Language and travel technology are a big part of TYOV. I know that I grew the complexity of the prompts in regards to those two factors as I imagined the timeline of the character progressing. Same thing with society as a whole–later in the game it is assumed you are doing complex things to fit into evolving social structures. 

The first few Prompts are very much about not knowing how to be a vampire. Those are obvious though.

I know that I spent a lot of time worrying over gaining and losing Resources but I think that was mostly fruitless labor. Some of it is arbitrary.

Yeah. That sounds pretty good. I want to thank you for asking me this question. I'm struggling with the Prompt order in the sequel and you've helped me remember that the factors that ordered TYOV just aren't present in the next game.

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I can't believe that people play this game.

I actually am going to get a letterpress print run made but those'll just be postcard sized.

(1 edit)

nice job

edit: REALLY nice job

Don't tip til you are filthy with dosh. Money just pouring out onto the floor so deep you are at risk of drowning.

the circle is complete

What an outrageously gorgeous layout! 

Thank you for sharing that. I didn't know that -anyone- was handling it at that level. 

email me at

What is your local store? 

Digital text makes it so, so much easier to play this game! 

Did this work out?

You gotta go all the way down to the "Community Copy" box. 

Macbook pro 2019. Chrome

The bug is definitely in your game as it hasn't happened before or since without the game running. And, as a Mac user, you can appreciate the unlikely power of a bug that can freeze the entire system. I couldn't even move between windows.  I don't think I was even doing anything particularly heavy with the computer otherwise.

If I'm the only one then it might be a freaky me-specific issue. Hope so!

I admire your game! I showed it to other game designers as an ideal of the 'game is analog but wouldn't ever actually be fun playing analog.'

There are definitely late game issues. 

There is a big issue that I've encountered three times: The game will completely freeze my computer (mac, up to date). Not just the browser software but the entire computer, necessitating a hard restart. It even froze things up once when I was on a different webpage with the game idling in the background.

I want to hear more about this after you've played for a bit.

What a nice game!

Maybe a bug note:  I was 'holding' a card with the pointer when the pawn crossed a purple dot and the card in my hand was taken away. I couldn't click on anything after that, though I got a slide-whistle type sound.

Please keep me posted on how repairs progress.

Thank you for making the game better!

My jaw literally dropped as I read that. So incredibly good. 

And part of the reason I like it is that it hints at the card driven delivery activities that model train enthusiasts used to create for themselves 'back in the day.' They'd draw a card and see that they needed to get x train with y cars to the z location and pick thingsup to take to the za place.  

Work orders. That is good. Can you share examples?

Cool, thank you!

I have an Oculus 2 but I don't have a PC. Can I download this directly onto my Quest 2? sorry to be asking such a basic question.

<total high five>

Believe it or not, the kernel of Apollo 47 came out of 'headset communication' game experiments I was making!

Make that game you just described!

"I had it taken out."

Email me using the address on the site!

I can't wait to see the animation!

I sometimes have discounted scratch-and-dent copies, though it is still expensive shippingif you are outside of the US.

Awesome!  And to clarify:  That was an enthusiastic "We need more of this!"

Short but interesting and begging to be expanded.  

No GM!

Thank you!  And I'm sorry!

These are reasonable things to ask!  There is definitely a 'deep end' of RPGs which assume a lot of 'scaffolding' to already be in place.   

I might guess this is best with 2-4 players.  Play time is 5 minutes to days of intermittent play.  I'm guessing a dedicated play session would last 20 minutes per player.

You did the whole thing in one go!  Wow!  

The big twist for me is that last sentence of yours.

Weird!  Try downloading it again and try viewing it another PDF reader.

I had a giant box of still-useful photocopy handouts that I recycled about five years ago and it makes me sad.

Let me know how that goes.  

The other professor me even presented at a game conference once, I think.