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Thank you!

Getting a "cannot open" error on Mac.

Shipping to Australia is so unfairly expensive!  Tell you what, if you are social isolating I'll send you one at the EU rate (70USD) and take any small loss on the shipping.  

And again:  I'm mortified that shipping is so expensive, I'm sorry.


I'm about to travel all over but I'll put this on a list.  Check in come April and we'll see if I've gotten it done yet.

Oh!  Do you mean that you want to print out the Prompt section as a booklet and write on that?  

That never actually occurred to me.  


Other monsters!  Sacrilege!  

How did playing not-vampires work out?

Shipping to France is $34 for a single book!  That's awful and I apologize.  That $34 will cover BOTH books if you awesomely combine your order!

Watch your email for shipment tracking.  I dropped in a little extra gimmick, too.  Email me at to get the PDF for the extra bit.

I'm bad at itch, I thought there was a way you could PM me.  My apologies.  If you can overpay by $10 that'll cover most of the shipping and I'll be good with that.  Overpay by $15 if you are feeling generous and want to cover all the shipping.  

I regularly think a hand vacuum is one of my cats.  This lets me live that experience again and again.

I don't have easy access to the old drawings but I will share new drawings as I make them.  

The original version of this was important and delightful and I am so goddamn excited to play this version.

I'm excited to try this! perfect.  The frying pan magnifying glass is genius.  Incredible.