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I'm glad you enjoyed the game!  

I worry that it's easy to get stuck.  I play a lot of games that require on the fly thinking and my brain has gotten oily and well trained for that sort of stuff.  TYOV walks a tricky path and sometimes I worry that the prompts are too specific, sometimes not specific enough.  

This is good stuff, thanks!

I'm glad you had the books to burn in an improvised fire barrel!

<high fives>

If your order hasn't shipped as of Friday then it will this coming week.  Email me at with your order number and all that if you have doubts.

Yes!  Please take on of the Community Copies here on itch.  I am making an unlimited number of them available, so you aren't denying anyone by taking one.  

<The Gomez Addams actor in the role of the judge's father on Night Court> "I'm much better now!"

Did I ever email you back from dearleadergame?

Thank you!

I'm on a Mac.

I can't figure out the gun.  The wand makes two things change spaces?  

How do I use the guns and wands?

What a good game!

I appreciate how patient everyone has been with this!

The "can't ship" thing was a Shopify error that should be fixed.  This book will 100% ship to Europe.  

It was a Shopify error.  I think, THINK, I fixed it.  

I bet you put the pwyw pin in the cart, right?  There's some sort of shopify error around the pin.  Try it again now.

What sections do you actually want to see bookmarked?

That's a pretty reasonable request.  I'll put it on a list but it won't happen anytime soon–I'm worn out.

With the PDF you should have both spreads and single sheets.  You can tell some printing software to take the single page PDF and print it as a booklet which you can then try to staple.  

BUT:  Try playing off of the computer!  It's 188 pages or so to print and that's too much and just not necessary.  

I'm surprised at al the positive responses, to be honest!  

Shipping from the US is stupidly expensive.  Some EU/UK shops have the book, so shop around I guess?  

Aw shucks!

The book has fleas.  

Include the email you would've made the purchase with, your mailing address, and anything from that you might have.  Your user handle doesn't show a purchase so I need to know more.  

Oh no!  Email me at

Hurrah!  Thank you!

Send me their email at and I'll figure it out.  

You can order from the UK cheaply, right?  Check in with 3rd Space Games.

Canadian shipping for six is, I think, 45USD.  

Yeah, I can't quite figure out why some folks don't get MailChimp emails.  I myself wasn't getting certain Mailchimp emails.  Yet there's no better way of email this many people.  

I'm not sure.  I sort of lose track. 

I need to figure out how to communicate with folks that aren't getting MailChimp emails.  I myself don't get mailchimp emails and nearly missed out on the IndieCade award because of it.  

Yesterday I had the brainstorm of setting up an 'away from office' reply on the main email that gives a summary of the situation.  Most of the folks who are emailing me are going to be emailing me because they fit the category of 'don't get the MailChimp' and 'want info about their books'.  

This is a fine place!  Go and dig through the spam folder on whatever email you used to order.  I've been sending out Mailchimp emails to the folks whose orders are delayed.

Basically:  Half the orders went through a fulfillment company that is refusing to do their job.  They've had the books since Nov 2 and haven't fulfilled ANY of the pre-orders.  I'm taking steps to move the books to a different shipper--if that goes absolutely smoothly some folks might start receiving books at the end of December.   Realistically expect yours in January.

I'm so unhappy about this that I have a hard time keeping up with the emails from folks who aren't getting the mailchimp blasts.  I hope to catch up with all that this coming week.  

Yeah, something happened and I'm fixing it.  Email me at and we can do a paypal payment if you like.

Randomly swapping out an alternate for an over-used primary Prompt is pretty much the idea.  There's no required way to do that, rolling is fine or whateve.r

That doesn't make any sense at all.  Go order through  Email me at if that doesn't work.  

I'm glad the Mort Garson stuff made it on there!  

May I share this on the twitter?

A burrowing mole vampire sounds amazing!

ooooh, that's a good one. 

The game was written under the influence of the two Tubeway Army albums.  They were just on repeat pretty much the whole time, mixed in with some other new wave stuff.  Maybe the Black Mass album by Mort Garson, too.  But those aren't a play list, and I can't add much more!