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How to restart the game from a specific point?

A topic by Zuuri created Sep 20, 2019 Views: 47 Replies: 7
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I want to be able to restart the game after an event happens without re-showing the intro screen and skipping right to a location. Is it possible to do this?


Yes, you can create a section called:

on_debug {
: goto "location";
: set_true "has_searched_drawer";
: create "lamp" target="inventory";

This will have priority over on_startup, and you can setup your test there. Make sure you comment out this block before you compile the full game.

To comment out a block select a block in the editor, then press CONTROL + / , to uncomment out a block, select the commented out region, and press CONTROL + / again.


Ah, thank you but I wanted it to be part of the game. I wanted it to basically restart the entire game from the beginning, but without showing the intro screen as it is still the same run of the game. If it's not possible to do this I understand, and I'll figure something out!


Ah, that is possible with pan_game variables.

start_at                 = my_location
booleans {
   has_shown_intro : boolean "false" scope="pan_game";
on_startup {
   : if (has_shown_intro == false) {
      : print "This is a spooky game !!!!" ;
      : set_true "has_shown_intro" ;
      : press_any_key ;
locations {
   my_location : location "You are in a room." ;

Roguelike adventure games...


RPG elements are your nightmare.


It could be narrative, though. It could be an adventure about a dynasty of adventurers. Where some aspects of the game world reset after a "death", but others stay in place.


haha I wouldn't say it's as complicated as that! Hopefully I'll be able to get the game out for testing today, so maybe you'll see!