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You wake up with no memory of your past, and you have to find out what's happening.
Submitted by Zuuri — 3 hours, 12 minutes before the deadline
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Potential spoilers ahead:

Played the game as a group of three. We ran into a few bugs. We weren't aware that we could TURN board as it wasn't listed in HELP, and we weren't able to examine as many of the nouns as we would've liked.

FISHING told us we already had a fish, even before we had a fish.

We didn't know about the OBJECTS command until we checked the comments, and when we used it it gave away clues for things we were yet to do.

We liked that the artwork changed based on the actions we took. You had obviously spent a lot of time on the graphics.


First of all, I like the darkness of the theme. There were quite a few bugs though.

First of all, you can use the flashlight in the hole before the hole is revealed. When I first did this, I assumed it was referring to the keyhole in the door, and so I was confused when I eventually uncovered the hole and got the same response.

If you don't answer 'yes' or 'no' when washing at the lake but just type 'clean', then it makes you go through the 'yes' or 'no' process when you try examining the lake again.

As Rich says, you always get the additional message of '...nothing happened' when outside the cave. This happens when you examine or get the rock (which it allows you to do), but also when you try to leave (which it doesn't allow you to do), meaning you're stuck if you haven't already got the fish.

Typing 'get apple' at the top of the tree gives both the 'you take' and 'you already took' messages.

Are you still meant to be carrying the neon fish after you've placed it on the pedestal?

After you've got the key for the chest, 'unlock chest' and 'use key' don't work, only 'open chest'.

Great ending though, really spooky.


Oh no! I did some fixes yesterday and accidentally misplaced the nothing happens message so it ruined that part of the game. Should be fixed now!


Nice one! Will play through again soon.

Not sure if the engine is configured correctly, but a lot of objects aren't shown. You have to type 'objects' to see them. Also, I think I managed to see the key which I had gotten 'from in the safe' before I'd opened the safe (found one set of numbers but didn't actually find the other two). Like the idea, especially it's weirdness, but the game also seemed to crash to the east of the fish, it kept saying '...nothing happens' once the room description and added text was displayed. Would definitely play it again if it's fixed.


Should all be fixed now, really sorry about getting to a point you couldn't pass! I want the player to be able to find the objects on their own, as everything is drawn out in the art, that actually is intended.