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Rich H

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Another great take on the cave story, adding a different slant. As this can be completed, but with less than a full score (69/100), it feels there's another two or three story arcs there to be discovered. The graphic conversions don't work as well as they should, they look a bit too blocky, but it doesn't detract from the game.

Played this through and enjoyed it. Distinctive visuals and another easy introduction into text adventures. One of the puzzles was unique as far as I can tell and also enjoyed the reverse roles of the cave guard. Try it! You won't be disappointed.

A great introduction to what a text adventure is. Lovely graphics which hark back to Amiga times. Puzzles are quite easy, but still enjoyable, and as I said, a great introduction to text adventures. And when you complete it, click the link to start writing your own world.

Not sure if the engine is configured correctly, but a lot of objects aren't shown. You have to type 'objects' to see them. Also, I think I managed to see the key which I had gotten 'from in the safe' before I'd opened the safe (found one set of numbers but didn't actually find the other two). Like the idea, especially it's weirdness, but the game also seemed to crash to the east of the fish, it kept saying '...nothing happens' once the room description and added text was displayed. Would definitely play it again if it's fixed.

Having a go a few months after first trying it. On Hard and can't work out the syntax for the climbing gear on the mountain. Really enjoying it