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How do we get a password for the 'sinister' story. I tried emailing from your website, but it's not a valid email address

Followed you on twitter!

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Playing this, but can't work out if I can't get back into the field whether it's incompletable. Got various food items, but getting nowhere with the barman. The shed is done as far as I could tell, now completely stuck! Nice environment though, I like the 'modern' ones set in contemporary places. Score of 6 currently.

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Played it! Completed it - both endings! Really nice brain teaser! Had me stumped a few times, but came back to escape. edit: played it on Ubuntu with an interpreter :)

Hey John, just did a dual liveplay with Banana Retro on Northpole. I've included the link in case you're interested, if it's too much I can remove it. Really enjoyed it, very 16 bit look and feel. We saved the presents! But it's not over yet...

Had an initial go on this game during a live stream, and really enjoyed it. Get the lowdown of the initial few activities here, Errol if it's too much of a spoiler please delete - it's just fascinating to see how the mind works with a new, fresh off the press adventure. We'll do a more focused playing of 'Present Quest' soon.

Had an initial go on this game during a live stream, and really enjoyed it. Get the lowdown of the initial few activities here, Richard if it's too much of a spoiler please delete - it's just fascinating to see how the mind works with a new, fresh off the press adventure. We'll do a more focused playing of 'A Christmas Quest' soon.  

That's a good idea. I had to no problems with the PDF but I opened it in adobe reader on the PC, so standard. Shame no-one has made an invisiclue app for pc/mobile. ;)

Should be viewable now :)

Hmm.. let me check. It's processing still. So might take a while to be visible. It's definitely there ready to watch once it's done!!

Just started a live stream playthrough of this adventure. Really liking it. Lots of puzzles, surrealism, pixel graphics. Gives me a Scott Adams 21st Century feel.  This is pt1. from earlier, so you can see my thinking while playing it. Can't wait to carry on with it!

Colourful graphics, great music - this game is really playable. Quite unique in the mechanics the playability is second to none. I included it in a liveplay a bit back, which shows how I played it. Recommended.

I really enjoyed playing this game, some neat, detailed graphics, playability seems fair. Music is pretty good and overall looks and plays really nice. I included it in a liveplay a bit back which shows the gameplay and how someone goes about playing it.

I really loved this game back in the day, and this RX version makes it perfect. The original suffered from being a bit too finniky with collision and playability. The graphics were on the bland (somewhat) side. The graphics in THIS version are brilliant, a real improvement. Playability has been improved in the way the character moves and jumps and the interaction with the bad guys. I did a liveplay a bit back which included this great example of how to improve on an already great game.

Really enjoyed this - bright colourful graphics, a hark back to Super Mario Brothers and of course Manic Miner. I included it in a liveplay a bit back which shows what it looks like being played by someone who likes platformers but who could do better. This game is recommended as it's such a neat version of Manic Miner.

This adventure is not too bad on its own, a bit sparse though. The idea behind it is to read the code that goes into putting this adventure together - and to be able to build on it. See a playthrough and explanation of the code here:

Did a live stream of One Last Thing... a bit back. First time playing, and really enjoyed the character interaction and the logic behind the puzzles. Perturbed I couldn't get 100%, seems I'm missing about eight points roughly. Thoroughly enjoyable game. 

Came back to this and live streamed the playthrough. As fun as I remember the original version. GREAT it can be converted (as can most Adventuron adventures) be ported to the ZX Spectrum (and others). Brilliant stuff. 

Most definitely, just playing through some of them now to get a gauge on what's what. I find it's always better to have an idea of what to expect before a live broadcast, but yes, planning to do some of them live :)

This REALL|y grew on me. Glad I played it longer than I normally would to review :) Well done

Enjoying playing it, at first it was just plain weird, but now I've solved some things it kind of clicks into place. Enjoying it :) (I wasn't after an answer, just a comment on it and to kinda let you know I'm on it! Great stuff

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I've spent an hour playing this and not really got anywhere. It's confusing, the game story makes no sense (until you start to meet people), then it get a bit clearer. Found one trophy and freed no ghosts. So persevering, but I think it's just me that I'm not 'getting it' - will report back :)

(Graphics seem indistinct in the web browser, or maybe that's intentional. Like the way it tells you specifically which objects can be interacted with)

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Really liked this game - very fluid in the responses and things happen and people change as you solve puzzles. Liked the flashback at the start, the way the graphics come up quickly. And the graphics are colourful and very 8 bit looking, like the way the graphics changed based on what you've done.

Couple of neat touches - typing xyzzy produces a response. It's quite funny even though it's not a comedy, light hearted but with a slight undertone of seriousness. Nice combination.

I've completed it with 18/25 but realised even if you CAN complete it, you can still carry on with puzzles ("Just one more thing..." eh? :) ) Would love to work out what they other seven points are!

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I did a live stream play of this game. It's brilliant - puzzle heavy, tight descriptions, abstract yet logical puzzles. Really enjoyed it. 

And the 128K version PLUS version with AY music - this really ups the ante, adding more atmosphere to the game.  

Played version 3 with the AY music, really good. Nice cover of a well known artiste :) The game is fun to play and fun to explore, especially with the game mechanics as they work so well together. See a game play video/talk I did on it (no spoilers!): 

This is a lovely conversion, a joy to play with great level layouts which I had fun working out. I've never played the original, but can never turn down a proper retro ZX Spectrum Willy game. I did a video of it on the The Retro Engine channel: 

Another great take on the cave story, adding a different slant. As this can be completed, but with less than a full score (69/100), it feels there's another two or three story arcs there to be discovered. The graphic conversions don't work as well as they should, they look a bit too blocky, but it doesn't detract from the game.

A great introduction to what a text adventure is. Lovely graphics which hark back to Amiga times. Puzzles are quite easy, but still enjoyable, and as I said, a great introduction to text adventures. And when you complete it, click the link to start writing your own world.

Not sure if the engine is configured correctly, but a lot of objects aren't shown. You have to type 'objects' to see them. Also, I think I managed to see the key which I had gotten 'from in the safe' before I'd opened the safe (found one set of numbers but didn't actually find the other two). Like the idea, especially it's weirdness, but the game also seemed to crash to the east of the fish, it kept saying '...nothing happens' once the room description and added text was displayed. Would definitely play it again if it's fixed.

Having a go a few months after first trying it. On Hard and can't work out the syntax for the climbing gear on the mountain. Really enjoying it