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Adventuron on mobile phones

A topic by Garry Francis created Sep 16, 2019 Views: 53 Replies: 8
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When I got to work this morning, we had some sort of evacuation drill, so I went across the road to the park (which is our assembly area), found myself a park bench and booted up my adventure on my mobile phone.

Wow! I was pleasantly surprised. It looked good, worked well and was easy to use. Great work Chris Ainsley!

After playing mine through, I realised that some of the graphics towards the end are a bit dark to see clearly when you're using the phone outdoors, so I'll have to keep that in mind in future. I started playing one of the other games on the way home. I could actually take a liking to this Adventuron thing. Where do I sign up?

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Thanks for the compliment! 

It's hard work getting it to work on mobile reasonably well, and it's a large part of the reason the project just keeps dragging on and on.

For games with small to medium amounts of text and images with a letterbox aspect ratio it should work fairly well without modification because of a multitude of little tricks.

For games that are verbose, then there are techniques for customising the layout better for mobile in particular. 

There isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to making text adventure games adaptive. I try my best to use sensible defaults for mobile mode, then it's up to the author to tweak the settings based on the requirements of their game.

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Wow! I was pleasantly surprised. It looked good, worked well and was easy to use. Great work Chris Ainsley!
// Garry

Yeah, I was surprised too, :3 actually I have played all the games of jam in the phone :3 (Sorry for no feedback for Seekers yet, Im stucked ;-; the troll dont wants the f** apple and Im not getting what should I do... but its okay i will discover)


I notice, some "differences" on the functionality of the games.  Nothing huge, Im just curious about.

Firstly, Im not allowed to take screenshots of the others game(its "protected" just like netflix), but  it works  on my game as you can see in the images, I really dont mind about it, but just wanna know why, I did something wrong? .-.

Secondly is when the keyboard appears the top bar cut a little of the image(its probably  fault my cellphone I know). But in the Seekers game, the top bar get transparent (still appears, but without the black stripe), is this some Settings of the project?


If you've got the apple, you're "halfway" there. What did you have in your inventory at the start?


The knife and dry branch.

Today is the day I will beat it :3


You only had the first one at the start. Use that.

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When deploying a game, use this guide (  )  be sure to set the settings 9E, 9F, & 9G to ensure that the game is launched in fullscreen mode on mobile.

Some phones have weird status bar behaviour and draw the status bar over full web pages in fullscreen mode when the keyboard is present (awful awful choice). This appears to be at the OS fork level and nothing I can do to detect this behaviour.

For now, I have a system level override for offsetting the status bar or notch, and will aim to improve this in future Adventuron releases. (TYPE THIS IN AT THE COMMAND LINE)

*MT 20  (offsets the whole top of the game by 20 pixels)

*MT 0 (removes the top offset (aligned to the top of the screen.

This of course is not something that casual players should have to do, so I have to try to find a general solution to manufacturer hard coding of this weird behaviour - at at least, add a nice UI to make this easy for players to configure themselves.

*MT 20  (offsets the whole top of the game by 20 pixels) 
 *MT 0 (removes the top offset (aligned to the top of the screen

Oh, now its perfect :3

and 9e, 9f, 9g are all okay 


Chris' life would've been so much easier (and continue to be a lot easier!) if he'd not been determined to have Adventuron run on the mobile platforms, so he deserves all the plaudits for how well it works. :)