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Amazing. Amazing.


Awesome! Really cool art style. Was hard to find a gun at first, by the time I found a couple I had a whole hoard of enemies following me around. Guns felt good to shoot! Liked the explosion from the rocket launcher! 


Thanks for checking it out! Guns are randomly placed, so having them early is a gamble!


This art style is amazing! The monster design and conservative use of color gives the whole game a really cool look. It was a little hard to find a gun on my first run, but once I did it was a lot of fun killing monsters. The song was very catchy as well. Nice work!


Wow! Thanks for the feedback, Billy! The music changes when the boss enemies appear. 馃槑 There were a few bugs that related to Unity caching assets improperly, but I've updated it throughout the day, trying to fix it. Not sure when you gave it a go, but the latest version of the game _should_ have everything fixed. 馃榿