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I died of dysentery.

Nice and simple! Cool pixel art!

Addicting gameplay, but so difficult for me to control! Maybe I'm just too impatient! 

Great pixel art! Cool mechanics, too. Focusing on both the ground and the air is chaotic and fun.

Hey! I made this cart! :P Hilarious concept for gameplay. Love how the game looks like tennis and ping pong at the same time.

I'm sooo bad at Mega Man-style games, but this looks and feels so good to play. Love the music, too.

Wasn't really able to play this one with a mouse and keyboard.

Hilarious! Also, there are chickens! Oh, yeah... Fantastic voice acting!! SNAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!!!

Thanks for checking it out! Guns are randomly placed, so having them early is a gamble!

Cool music and movement is really fun.

Love the aesthetic of this game! Controls were a little hard, though, and walking was a bit stiff.

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Fantastic story. Amazing presentation. Screenshots do not do it justice. Plus, there are chickens, so it's awesome!

Fantastic game!

Holy cow. This game is amazing. Great, riveting gameplay.

A little laggy at times, but I love the concept for the game and I really like the voice over. XD

A little hard to control, but you get points because chickens are awesome.

Wow! Thanks for the feedback, Billy! The music changes when the boss enemies appear. 😎 There were a few bugs that related to Unity caching assets improperly, but I've updated it throughout the day, trying to fix it. Not sure when you gave it a go, but the latest version of the game _should_ have everything fixed. 😁