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Submitted by lucbarr

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Visual Experience#34.0714.071
Audio Experience#33.5713.571
Relevance to the Theme#34.7144.714

Ranked from 14 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team Members
Team 2kMMR
lucbarr @rasquer
naumazeredo @kogyblack
special thanks to @eurekabach

How did you interpret the theme?
Claustrophobia is a bullet hell where your available space matters a lot. It is your health indeed, and as you take damage your available room to avoid bullets and kill enemies shrinks, until a point where you are smashed by your own hull :( . But once you survive and surpass the difficulties, you'll be free to take a breath into your own space!! These difficulties might be very hard, and sometimes you feel you haven't enough space to just... Be yourself. But don't give up, frustration is a part of being alive !! Hit the R (reset) button, take a deep breath, try to be aware of the surroundings ( enemy patterns ) and I'm sure you'll own it!!

How was your experience in this jam?
Amazing. First time delivering a game where I could try my pixel skills. Could spot major problems on jam planning and learn a lot about the tools we used (Unity and Aseprite). Really happy with the results, we weren't really hopeful at the beginning but as the results came and the challenges got exciting, we got pumped to improve it at the most we could. We even gathered some help midway ( samuraiexx stepped into and eurekabach helped with the tune ). There's a lot we could improve, and the jam just came very handily on showing that to us. Thank you!

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I managed to beat the game! it was really creative and challenging. There was a glitch I ran into where the game completed the moment the boss spawned, so I had to replay it. There was also another glitch? (not sure if intentional or not) where if you used the hull bomb, the circle would fly off at breakneck speeds often causing you to take damage. Sprites were looking great too, also liked the particle effect on the circle. -Grey


Awesome!!! Finally someone beat our game!! I was afraid no one could see the boss sprite I had spent hours drawing xD. Thank you for the feedback! We were aware of these bugs - specially the hull bomb, which was the last one powerup feature implemented -, but didn't manage to solve them in time. We wanted something close to the Enter The Gungeon's blank shot, but ended up with a buggy crazy broken expanding hull haha. Our game was late subscripted, and I'm not sure we either could change after subscription or we would have enough time & energy to do that. What powerup did you find the most overpowered ? How many hours did it take you to beat the game ?


It took about an hour I think? maybe a bit more or less, can't exactly remember xD I think Hull Bomb and Dash are both my preferred powerup, depending on the current Hull size. At low hull, Bomb is good because it can destroy the bullets close to your ship, even with the glitch. Without the glitch, it would definitely be the best in every situation, because it temporarily increases your movement range. When you have more hull, I preferred using dash, as re-positioning is tough when the circle moves so slowly. Yeah I'm not sure if you are allowed to upload a new version to the gamejam, but I do think the game is worth polishing up if you guys have time- the amount of strategy needed in this shooter is quite refreshing.


Easy controls and nice interpretation of the theme, great.

A space of movement in space pressing space to shoot and move :o

Awesome idea and awesome gameplay!


This highlighted just how bad i am at bullet hell games. Really good job!


Incredible interpretation of the theme with the whole space you can move around being your health. A really interesting mechanic for a bullet hell.

Great job on the game, excellent job in all aspects.


Very original, I liked the concept in wich you can't move out of your circle. Good job!