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Great game, it reminds me to Reigns game :D

Shoud be awesome to have some score.

Awesome game!
There's some toilet paper rain:

I was thinking the same with 32 X'D

I didn't know what to do.
I already harvest the carrots and broccoli and entered in the home. But now I don't know what's next or where I have to go.
Some kind of guide or main quest hints whould be awesome.


The shaders make it look great and the balls bouncing are a non functional funny feature that I love it. But it was a little hard to play. It would be greater an option to choose difficulty to have a bigger camera field cause I was falling withouth knowing what're going to be down here and dying for don't react fast enought.

Wow! this is amazing! :D

I wasn't able to solve this one, but I really love the idea of the game. Its so intuitive.

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Thanks! I hope you enjoyed it ^-^

I had some hard time at the beginning getting used to the controls.
I even took my custom keyboard to change them for a more comfortable ones for me X'D

Its pretty adictive and easy to understand. I wasn't able to reach over 50 score but I enjoyed playing it 👍

I think i found a bug.

Before doing the transformation, the game doesnt check if the next shape will fit on that space, so I can use buterfly for speedruning,

I think you did great for only 3 hours. Is entertaining and the score make it competitive 👍🏼

Thanks, it took me some tries to get that score XD

Yes, the rest of the game is great! ^-^

Wow! this one is great!
Are you planning to update it on future? :D

Great game, but the music really hurt my ears.

I don't know if its procedural or not, but the distorsioned sharp noise on background brings a trully bad experience 😥 Did you heared the music?

Really nice game! Impressed that you did that on 3 hours!

Nice game! The levels are randomly generated?

yeah. I mean that other submisions didn't explained the controls, and that's bad (for them).
You instead not only show the controls, you also let the player choose it, and that's so great 👍

I didn't see the theme of the Jam on this one.
I have to admit that some people didn't explained well the controls and you even did configurable controls, that's great!

lets raise the bet 😎

I opened the game but I didn't know what to do.
Then I closed the game and look on the plage for controls or explanation.
Then I opened the game again and look for some tutorial, guide or something.
At the end I pressed all the keys looking for the controls.

I think that its a important part for the player to know what to do and how. 😥
Just a short description like:

A game in develop, you have to reach te stairs with both characters.
Use WASD or arrows to move and switch character with Q.

I found nudes on the trash bin, 🔞 flag for the game! 🤣

Great idea for stress out without real damage.

Great game! :D
But I really missed a checkpoint

A little hard cause the player can't move that much on the map to avoid the bullets that follows you.

The hight platforms feels more like an obstacle while jumping than a extra terrain cause you have to get off for avoid bullets and needs a lower platform to reach.

Its great, but I feel that needs more stuff to avoid and bigger speed and jump to avoid them.

Thanks, I'm glad you like it ^-^

When I reached the connecting puzzle game it was like "Oh! what a coincidence!" XD

I don't really like visual novels but this one kept me entretained with the puzles until the end.

Nice game! ^-^

The graphics and aniations are so great. The music is enjoyable too and the controls work so well.

Great game!

nice grass light effect :D

Awesome! thank you ^-^

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Sometimes feels a little like random answers, but I can see that she respond kinda correct.
If I ask "Can you play my game?" answers me "If I live long enough.". So... If I add a time limitation the answer will change? like "Can you play my game now?" ?
AND YES, the assistant changed the answer.

Also I was impressed when the stream start working and she started talking.

Nice work for a Jam of 48 h 👌

Everything feels a bit confusing.
I had no idea of what I was doing all the time :(

Well, I usually liked Kaizo, so yeah! ^-^

I'm not 100% sure, but I think that is not legal to use the default RPG maker assets (the music and sprites you used) with another software like unity.

Donk risk it, on there's A LOT of free assets that you can use. You just need to credit them.

I LOVED the graphics and i like to see how every character have his own way to move... but I didn't undrestand the history .-.

I agree with mapsandapps. One reset button are one of the most used keys of this kind of games.

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Probably some short operations will work better than one long operation.
I played with a calculator of my side but if the operations were several more, fast and short like "16+7", "3x6", "12/4" the calculator will feel ambigious and avoid the player to do that.

When I saw "author Linzet" I thougth it was one friend that uses that username too XD

Great game! I reached the Survive time after waves killing 90 of them. ^-^

Great game!
Simple and entertaining.

The swordman is insane when he enters on anger mode 🔥

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  • So.. you want to be part of our team as a hacker. Your curriculum say you're good at stoling files. What's your best method?
  • Oh! I jump over floating walls to reach the computers and hack them with my axe!
  • You wha....?

Really funny idea, I love it! 🤣