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That was HOT. Nice visuals and cool shot/upgrade system. Loved the cameo of a certain fighter ship ;3 awaiting the full release

Hey thank you, glad you like it! -Saemi

Glad you enjoyed it! thanks for making a video on our game. Watching people try to figure out how the game works brings us both such joy xD -Grey

Thanks man! -Saemi

Just fixed it, version 1-2 is now available for download ;3 -Grey

Thanks! glad you like it. -Grey

Glad you like it~ sorry about the bug though! I'll try to fix it sometime soon. -Grey

Thank you! glad you enjoyed it. <3 -Grey

Thanks! It's programmed in Game Maker Studio 1. -Grey

Glad you like the game! thanks for making a video on it ;3 -Grey

Thanks for showing an interest in the game and also taking the time to write an article about it! -Grey

Fun game! the pistol seems pretty weak compared to the other weapons though. -Grey

I grew about 6 muscles from playing this. -Grey

Thanks! we want to add splashing effects, but we ran out of time for the gamejam release. -Grey

Thanks Marti ;3 -Grey

Nice buildup, the tension was pretty good. -Grey

The game has a nice tense atmosphere and I love the long leg kick attacks. That boss was pretty brutal though, died a few times, but it was a cool fight. -Grey

Fun little game! Those bomb enemies gave me a little trouble, but I managed to beat it after a few tries. The sprites look good too. -Grey

Thanks! I'm lucky to be working with someone with such talent in spritework. -Grey