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Oh sorry about that, I'll look into that right now. -Grey

We haven't planned for a steam release yet, but that's a possibility once we get our steam page running for sure. -Grey

Thanks! Saemi is the one who made the music, the one who also did the art. And yeah we did go quite overboard on the trippy effects in that dimension xD I hope nobody got a seizure from that -Grey

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Great game, loved the puzzles and the boss battles. Really nailed the grotesque and culty atmosphere. - Grey

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At one point I got stuck on the boss's leg and took half my health in damage, but I still ended up winning the fight after grappling onto a part of the boss and advancing to the next part. 

Overall a challenging and well designed physics game. I enjoyed the momentum mechanics with the shot, dodging with the recoil felt satisfying.


Solid line-runner which requires more finesse than you would think

He is a good boi, I wanna hold his hands

Спасибо! Ты крутой!!! 👉👁〰️➖)👉
..I actually didn't understand much of what you said in the video, but it was still very enjoyable to watch you play the game and bop to the music xD Thank you! -Saemi

Yoyo, it's not a simple task, looks like you still crushed it tho!
I've had a ton of fun watching you play the game, I love how you got really into the story and dug up all these social concepts xD
"See, I assumed that they're together... Why would the dad be naked"
So thank you too for making a fun video! -Saemi

Hey Thank you! Yeah i think she wasn't prepared to put so much effort into the baking either xD -Saemi

Really cool video man! nice editing style, and got plenty of laughs out of me. Asking the real questions about the Rushroom universe xD -Grey

Hey thanks for the video man, it's really entertaining!
"the guy can't go on the scooter, cause he doesn't have eyes", very true, cracked me up xD -Saemi

Thanks! And yeah, true that the last level is very tough. Perhaps the ring obstacle is a bit luck based, at least for the first ring you encounter. As for the pyramids, the hitbox is pixel perfect on them, you can actually press 1 to display hitboxes- but yeah, they are a bit bigger than the circular blue planets, so the trippy dimension is more challenging in some ways- however it doesn't have anything like the ring-planet which is bigger than the pyramids but smaller than the largest size planets. And yeah, Mellea is quite a wild mushroom girl xD We considered adding a powerup to the game, but decided that we liked the simplicity of just entering a trance and trying to dodge stuff. Maybe in the future though. -Grey

Very powerful stuff, nice job. I wonder why she chose to marry him in the first place. -Grey

Oh man, the sound design was super  creepy! -Grey

I have depression now, thanks! in all seriousness, cool little game though. -Grey

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Played a lot more, got to the point where I could last infinitely on infinite mode, playing it here and there while waiting for things and almost got to 100 stars, so I cut my game short once I hit 4000 points. I like to run Snatch, Order, Table Flip, and Flip.  I'm not really sure what's best for hard mode though, constantly changing my mind there. -Grey

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Hey thanks alot man! Yeah, I've really had fun with the animations in this one.
Your Sweet Buns game is super cute too tho, I've been playing that for like 2 days straight xD -Saemi

I haven't played too much yet! aside from one normal and hard mode match, I did an infinite mode which lasted to about 300 orders- so I didn't get too many coins. I'll get back to you on this once I've unlocked everything~ -Grey

This is really pleasant, love the style and different strategies and customization. Love how you can really fine tune your pastry lineup to match your playstyle! -Grey

Oh man, I love this games style, it's super adorable~
It took me a second to figure out that the mechanics are easier to understand than i thought, now its really fun and puzzling!
Also the upgrade system is nice, it really feels alot better to unlock something when you can be excited about what kind of new cute looking but meaningful pastry you'll get next. -Saemi

It took about an hour I think? maybe a bit more or less, can't exactly remember xD I think Hull Bomb and Dash are both my preferred powerup, depending on the current Hull size. At low hull, Bomb is good because it can destroy the bullets close to your ship, even with the glitch. Without the glitch, it would definitely be the best in every situation, because it temporarily increases your movement range. When you have more hull, I preferred using dash, as re-positioning is tough when the circle moves so slowly. Yeah I'm not sure if you are allowed to upload a new version to the gamejam, but I do think the game is worth polishing up if you guys have time- the amount of strategy needed in this shooter is quite refreshing.

Oh that makes sense, the underdog story where you work your way up and beat the big baddy who kicked your ass in stage 1 xD

Oh don't worry it was xD I grasped that you wanted the soundtrack to be annoying seeing the nature of the game, so it was just a sarcastic comment -Grey

All about the mushroom-headed naked apron husbando tbh ;3 

Well now that you uploaded the right build, it's working well xD I don't understand why you can only clear mission 1 by dying though? Though a pretty basic shooter, it was still fun. Final room was nice too. -Grey

The soundtrack is straight bangin' -Grey

Quite an adventure! I loved the shopkeeper, he hurt my feelings though. Nothing's quite like blowing up hundreds of planets ending millions of lives! -Grey

It looks like it could shape up to be pretty nice if you end up finishing it, the graphics and interface look good. -Grey

It was really challenging, but I managed to escape the eyeball spike alien. The controls felt a bit hard to get the hang of, but the movement mechanics were pretty satisfying once you figured it out. Nice minimalistic style, music was pretty nice too. -Grey

You get put into pretty unfair situations, but it's still a pretty ok game. -Grey

I liked the ending! Unfortunately there's a couple places the game can crash if you press enter when interacting with certain things (the green stuff on the planet, and sometimes the edge of the screen?). -Grey

Really creative idea, never seen anything like it. A bit confusing at first though. -Grey

The controls are a bit weird, sometimes you jump instantly, other times it has a wind up time? made the boss really hard. It's pretty interesting though. -Grey

It's a bit awkward that you're constantly drifting backwards, but it's pretty fun. The graphics are pretty good. -Grey

Cool game, but has a fair share of glitches (spawn point is always set to the first teleporter, not sure if that's intentional or not. Explosion physics is quite wonky). The walljump room was awesome. -Grey

This is really cute and simple! love the sound effects and artstyle.

I liked how everything, even duplicate objects, had their own text. Also there was a glitch where at the final room I could walk out and trigger the ending, which I did accidentally, but I don't think it's a huge deal cause most people wouldn't make that mistake lol. Pretty cute game. -Grey

I managed to beat the game! it was really creative and challenging. There was a glitch I ran into where the game completed the moment the boss spawned, so I had to replay it. There was also another glitch? (not sure if intentional or not) where if you used the hull bomb, the circle would fly off at breakneck speeds often causing you to take damage. Sprites were looking great too, also liked the particle effect on the circle. -Grey

same unfortunately -Grey