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This is really pleasant, love the style and different strategies and customization. Love how you can really fine tune your pastry lineup to match your playstyle! -Grey

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Glad you like it. Out of curiosity, what is your favorite pastry lineup?

I haven't played too much yet! aside from one normal and hard mode match, I did an infinite mode which lasted to about 300 orders- so I didn't get too many coins. I'll get back to you on this once I've unlocked everything~ -Grey

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Played a lot more, got to the point where I could last infinitely on infinite mode, playing it here and there while waiting for things and almost got to 100 stars, so I cut my game short once I hit 4000 points. I like to run Snatch, Order, Table Flip, and Flip.  I'm not really sure what's best for hard mode though, constantly changing my mind there. -Grey


Scone, Cannoli, Taiyaki, and Cinnamon Roll