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Ah yeah good point, cheers Merlin!

I will do that as soon as possible, I can't for the next week or two though because uploads are disabled while the voting process for the game jam it was entered in for is on.

Aha that's just my opinion though :P Its your game, you do what you want! I'll definitely give it another crack later to see if I can beat the demo, and definitely looking forward to the full game!

Just an incredible job in all aspects. Really great job guys!

Very interesting game, loved it! That took a dark turn!

Great job guys, really enjoyed playing it! Was really challenging once the spike machine/alien monster thing started chasing you. I wasn't able to pass that bit haha, I couldn't get the hang of the slow jumping mechanic.

Love the visual style, it was really nice in its simplicity. Great audio and design too.

Funny idea, really enjoyed it!

Incredible interpretation of the theme with the whole space you can move around being your health. A really interesting mechanic for a bullet hell.

Great job on the game, excellent job in all aspects.

A really interesting game you came up with! I love the visual style, you did a really great job of that. I feel the game play was good enough but could have been make a bit smoother. There was also no audio?
Had fun playing it though great work!

Nice little game, great menu and introduction!! There was a bit of a problem when jumping into some walls, you would get stuck in them occasionally.

Great mechanic of having to change shape to kill certain enemies!!
Really nice visuals as well.
The SFX were great but the music wasn't intense enough for the game play I found.