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3-text-frames questions

A topic by Korgen created Sep 25, 2020 Views: 95 Replies: 5
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I have some questions about this:

"- three sentences, including the title-screen and ending-screen. No more than three text frames. 180 car. maximum"

I´m a bit confused. The haiku must to be one verse for every text frame (one verse  at the title-screen, one at the game frame and one at the ending-screen)? Or can we put the title at the title-screen, the haiku at the game frame, and then the ending screen with other info?

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n°1 option is the good one. See the bitsy-example we shared on the jam page.
Any other information (game title, extra info) shall be shared in your game page!


Thanks for the info! It's now clear for me. 

I have another question. I created a haiku in Galician language and I made a french translate that also fits in a haiku structure (5/7/5). It was a bit complicated XD.

If it fits in the characters limit... Can I put the french translation on each verse right after the original in Galician?


I'd say yes !


And if you need a rereading in French don't hesitate poking me !


Thank you, it' very kind of you! Yes, I'll send you a private message with original and translated haiku for a rereading... :)