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Bizarre fits me, thanks ÷)

Thanks for answering my unspoken question about how you did such intricate coloring, you ‘teachered’ nice on this one ;)

You think you’ve seen quite a few types of bitsy and then… yours occurs ! I really can’t think you could do some game like that with that engine, it’s fabulous, and the message is wholesome, and I hope your dream will come true… and thank you !

the illustration work and square scenario composition are so gwwwweeeewwdd ! Thanks for that awesome time playing your game

Thanks to your game I only just figured that there must be a sh*tload of battarangs sprayed all over Gotham ! Great use of environmental storytelling props here !!

I would love to have this game with a voice over of the lines, this would make a terrific video(game)podcast

the hand and foot space arrival was a very nice one, your depiction of space really reinforces the talk about realitiES

This is important, this is precious, those are memories made art

Thank you Miguel

It was kind of hard pushing through the rooms but I'm glad I did

Wholesome !

Thanks, that's super useful to have it written down like that !

It's all coming along ! I love it

I am not english native but the syllables count seems good to me !

This is a sweet dreamlike bitsy-haiku !

I went freestyle and my fountain grew bigger with low rocks. Am I garden wizard ?

Can't wait to play the full version ! There is a bit of a rythmic penibility with the appearance of the dialogs but, oh boi, they are very well written !

This actually brought tears to my eyes, thank you for this haiku

I played it three times in a row, it is so effective, I love it !

We are glad the warmth came through to find you☺️

Thanks a lot, with those kind of comments I might convince him to join me on a coming jam !

Thanks :)

It was a great moment to share crafting this doodle

I'll say to my heirs that this was Deathstranding

And if you need a rereading in French don't hesitate poking me !

I'd say yes !

That was spot on what I needed after getting caught in the rain


We rushed the french version of our game but also intended doing italian and english versions. We were thinking about doing one itch page per language.  In that regard, one question arise : do we submit each page to the jam ? 

If not, which language is preferably submitable ?

Thanks for the answer


oh nooo ! Mail, twitter ou instagram ?

Ghosts are my stuff..! this jam was the perfect opportunity to explore them through a new medium.

Soon the bitsy haiku shall come 🌌

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J'en ai parlé aux membres du Pang Pang Club que j'anime et iels sont enthousiasmé par le thème. Si tu veux on peut faire ça depuis le discord du Club !

I thought we were going to co-host the Jam...!

I'll post the pitch when I have time to write down and do some visuals :)

I'm happy you were charmed 🤗

that's a good bitsy haiku!

Format wise i'd block the scene by stating a fix frame : things can enter or exit, time can passes by or rewind but the "camera" can't move.

No dialog could be fun but maybe too harsh so numbered words and/or sentences ? Something like 30 words or 3 sentences.

Is it just a format jam or is it reoccurring with theme ? Or is it just a parasite to the monthly bitsy jam ?

No, thank YOU 🥰

Haiku and bitsy are a very clever combo ! 

I almost want to make it a jam theme

Merci beaucoup, je suis extrêmement touchæ 🤗

Why are birds the bests ?!

You got me excited right at the title !!!

**tea-partying intensifies**

Was not expecting Frogger turning into V but it was a nice due vendetta !

This is a very inspiring bitsy !

Read the pitch, read the zine, am not disappointed on the delivery {{°0°}}