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I’ll check V2 when I have time, but it’s interesting to offer two versions of the same project ! Thanks

I can’t rate this game yet, but I would’ve given it ALL the stars, the puzzle atmosphere is precise and dreamy, the puzzles are just itchy enough ! Good job to Max and Pancake for defying the systme

This game is perfect ! Thanks for this kind well thought experience.

Bug report : I got an error message with V2 where I can’t open the unity project because it’s looking for the game data and can’t find it (probably due to a naming issue). This problem doesn’t happen with v1 who has a properly named _Data file right next to the game launcher.

This rebuilt of pokeuniverse deserves an ocean of pokelove The lutte continues *****

Cette journée de promenade et de convergence des luttes m’a permis de rencontrer toute une myriade d’amiexs et de personnes formidables. Quel plaisir d’avoir pu aider ManMan et de rentrer manger une tarte à la rhubarbe en famille. Ce jeu porte les valeurs du MOMCORE jusque dans les régions éloignées, où pokemons et dresseureuses profite des espaces et de la réaffectation des bâtiments publics.

Cette review est objective ! == Il s’agit du meilleur jeu de la franchise, je n’en démordrais jamais.


Who knew gardening would be so stressful ? It’s very nice system and the design is really pleasant

I think about this game often, and I’ll gladly recommand it to anyone who waits for bus or monolith

Suggestion : a game is a gift

And this small game can accompagny you when waiting : Monolith

Now that rating is over, I can comment here and tell you how much your story dragged me into it and left me memories I’ll cherish for a long time. Thank you for this precious piece of art

Opened it for a quick look around and stayed cause every room was just a perfect time and place This is fantastic

Well, I better learn cross stitch now !!! Seems way funnier than learning javasomething

I’m keeping it.. just in case !

Thank you for cats

Awesome ! Thanks a lot for the updated meditation 🌼

I got a similar error message when I went toward wings ! The meditation was very inspiring though, thanks for this moment

Some people will never know that our queer genders are threatening to others, although coming from a place of self acceptance and care.

Thanks for putting words on things we go through constantly endure when we are being objectified as non-peers.

Merci chaudement 💖

Merci de nous avoir partagé taon queerance et d’avoir mis des mots sur des choses que je traverse en ce moment <3

Everything I ever dreamed of to create chaos in its purest form, muahahah

This game is just perfect, I hope I’ll hear them wisper one day..!!

oh merci beaucoup, je transmettrais ton compliment à Elixes !

Super contenz que ce zine est fini par voir le jour et de pouvoir lire tes monstres !

Tu tapes dans ma corde sensible avec tous ces fantômes mort.e.s

J’ai l’impression d’avoir déjà visité cet endroit et maintenant, pour sûrx, je sais que je pourrais revenir quand je le souhaite.

Hâte de pouvoir dormir

We are here 💕👾💕👻🏳️‍🌈

Is this a Doctor Who spin off ??

Joke aside, I came for the planet and stayed for the clowns and wonderful palettes and art ! This is wicked !!

Ce sont de très belles incantations, je les relirais pour frictionner la queer magic !

Thanks for connecting and commenting, I’m really glad it can reach out to people ! It’s an ever ongoing recontextualization with skin but hopefully we’ll find ways to comfort the itches :)

This is a wonderful zine, I hope it unleashed a lot more and you come at peace with your inner saboteur !

Thanks, it means a lot ☺️

Spatialized Britney song is the game I didn’t know I needed

This is very impressive !

I’m still as scared as a kid but at least I find them cute now :3

Fabuleux, surprenant, patate!

I got intrigued by the poetry of the pitch ! This is pick meditation yet I dread what might appear.

je n’arrive pas à jouer à ce jeu pourquoi ?

Mais du coup… est-ce que le vrai jeu vidéo est non-binaire ? kof kof

Grâce à ce jeu, je ne me ferais plus JAMAIS avoir par ces satanés faux jeux ! rrrrreueeummmkkkrr

The palettes are super cool + I found my true personna

Make it a Jojo’s fan game pleaaaase