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Hâte de pouvoir dormir

We are here 💕👾💕👻🏳️‍🌈

Is this a Doctor Who spin off ??

Joke aside, I came for the planet and stayed for the clowns and wonderful palettes and art ! This is wicked !!

Ce sont de très belles incantations, je les relirais pour frictionner la queer magic !

Thanks for connecting and commenting, I’m really glad it can reach out to people ! It’s an ever ongoing recontextualization with skin but hopefully we’ll find ways to comfort the itches :)

This is a wonderful zine, I hope it unleashed a lot more and you come at peace with your inner saboteur !

Thanks, it means a lot ☺️

Spatialized Britney song is the game I didn’t know I needed

This is very impressive !

I’m still as scared as a kid but at least I find them cute now :3

Fabuleux, surprenant, patate!

I got intrigued by the poetry of the pitch ! This is pick meditation yet I dread what might appear.

je n’arrive pas à jouer à ce jeu pourquoi ?

Mais du coup… est-ce que le vrai jeu vidéo est non-binaire ? kof kof

Grâce à ce jeu, je ne me ferais plus JAMAIS avoir par ces satanés faux jeux ! rrrrreueeummmkkkrr

The palettes are super cool + I found my true personna

Make it a Jojo’s fan game pleaaaase

C’est la plus belle chose que j’ai expérimenté depuis longtemps, merci à vous trois pour ce superbe travail

There is something really fragile and precious about this font, thanks for sharing it

Wow² c’est un peu Le Vent se lève de Miyazaki mais avec un Fulgor 3000

C’est un très joli jeu avec beaucoup de très belles attentions mais j’avoue que la situation décrite m’a rendux un peu triste. Beau travail

Merci beaucoup pour ce très beau commentaire 🤗

Best keyboard music I’ve heard in a while

Thanks !

I didn’t manage to make it work for so many pages, must have got something wrong, gonna try again !

Saw the twitter posts, loved them, the colored version is AWESOME !

btw, what script did you use for the zine display ?

This is a good tool, the quality is just as need be and the example conquered my heart

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I mean, how I never thought about an abandonned donut farm ? Now I won’t stop thinking about it !

I wanted to screencap every seen with subtitles, they were all so beautiful, so nice composition. Here’s one I really could not not screencap

Ce jeu est fantastique, beau travail !

I found the pdf back in my downloads and found your zine even more beautiful than the first time I opened it

C’est une très jolie histoire que vous nous offrez là et je suis scotchae par les graphismes au crayon !

Perfection ! the atmosphere of your invitation is so good that it’s really drawing me to try out Bitsy 3D

I stan…d up along side Lena !

Dreaming Jam community · Created a new topic Non rpg game


I’ve read the submission description several times and I’m not entirely sure : is it okay to submit non rpg content ?

Cheers, Leslie

Oh the shader seems to be not so happy.. It’s clearly a compatibility issue, never tried on basilisk and just did the basic WebGL unity export. Honestly I’m not the best at fixing those issues but I will try something. Thanks for the input !

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Never watched the show but this seems totally legit, pretty accurate and the dialogs are way better than the ogs. I’m glad superhell is cancelled !

Thanks, I’ll bee keeping this good grade ;)

Thanks, I always aim at beeing subtle

Thanks, I wanted to end the year with something cheerful !

Cette bande son est de qualité supérieure !