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Hi, I really like the pixel art and movement of this shmup! I have had a problem. In one of the plays I am flying endlessly without enemies or wave advance. Should be a bug...

Hi! I made a Bitsy tutorial in Galician Language. I don´t know exactly if it is of interest, but... Is in my Drive:

Graciñas!! ^^

Soprendentemente interesante!!

Lovely! <3

Moitas grazas polo teu fermoso comentario!! Unha aperta grande dende Galicia!

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En hai uns cantos máis, e moi divertidos. Hai pouco a Fundación Carlos Casares fixo unha gamejam para crear videoxogos en galego, e podes xogar os que se presentaron nese enlace. Están fantásticos, xa verás!

Tamén ou . E sei que había algún máis por aí...

Absolutely fantastic!!

This is really cool!!! ^^

Me too... Looks cool, anyway :)

Thank you very much! :)

I was worried this could happen. Go left and then go up. It´s the second part of the introduction. Sorry, I´ll fix this to make only one dialogue box at the begining.

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The game is totally a true story. I summarized some small details to make the game easier to play (and more things happened that day), but the story reflects the event with great detail. 

My cousin told us a lot of things. He belive what he saw and heard when he was "out". And he completely changed his behavior after that... You (anyone) can believe him or not. That´s the "hope" part, I think. ;)

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Oh, thanks! My cousin told us more things that suprised us. For example, he talked and danced with a young version of our grandmother.

Before she passed away, she said one day to her daughters: "I will dance when in heaven. It´s what I like more to do".

Thank you very much, Fer ;)

Thank you very much!! I appreciate a lot your words :)

Thank you very much!! I love your work, it´s art and so so deep. It's an honor to receive your comment :)

Thank you very much! :)

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I can't find the words to thank you for your comment. I am very honored that you were moved by my story... ^^

Hey! Thank you for your words :) 

Thanks! Me too... I know the poet, he´s a friend of mine. And the feeling is so strong... These verses are fantastic.

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Thank you very much! I appreciate a lot your comentary! ^^

Oh!! Thank you very much! I appreciate your words ^^

Insufriblemente divertido! XD

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Wow! An eternal moment caught in a bitsy frame! Cool haiku!

Wow, nice art work, nice story, and the dynamic between what you are telling and how you are telling it it´s aboslutely fantastic!

Thank you very much, I appreciate a lot your words. I'm quite satisfied with the result, because it invites you to replay it and contemplate the "change".

WOW! Absolutely fantastic!! It´s really awesome. Great great work, a piece of art!

Thank you, it' very kind of you! Yes, I'll send you a private message with original and translated haiku for a rereading... :)

Thanks for the info! It's now clear for me. 

I have another question. I created a haiku in Galician language and I made a french translate that also fits in a haiku structure (5/7/5). It was a bit complicated XD.

If it fits in the characters limit... Can I put the french translation on each verse right after the original in Galician?

I have some questions about this:

"- three sentences, including the title-screen and ending-screen. No more than three text frames. 180 car. maximum"

I´m a bit confused. The haiku must to be one verse for every text frame (one verse  at the title-screen, one at the game frame and one at the ending-screen)? Or can we put the title at the title-screen, the haiku at the game frame, and then the ending screen with other info?

Creative great work. Thanks for sharing your experience. You´re fantastic!

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Absolutely fantastic!! Love the aesthetic and the story :_)

Great work! ^^

I played for a while and it's really cool. I will explore further... ;)

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Amazing solutions and tricks for a Bitsy game. So much to learn from! The art is fantastic, and the music is really cool (a great initative to bring indie bands and indie game developers!)

It´s cool! Great ideas for the scenes.

Hehe, moi divertido!!