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Peter Februar

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Nice riddles and story! I enjoyed it

Amazing way to talk about that fact. Thank you!

Cool story bro ---i mean dude :)

Biologically improbable cute story!

Nice story !

Cool story and art! heeheehooom :)

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*pretend i put comment here* :)

Ah ah count me on this!

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nice and minimal... more like "wd to move"? :D

Thank you for this! Strange that you didn't play through the wole game though... Is it to maintain suspense ? :D

Thank you for this!

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That was nice! I liked the Zelda reference and all art in it. Keep it up!

Thank you!


Yes indeed! ...But this example below is a one-time solution (e.g. for a key to open a door).

So you'll have to study variables instead.

This devlog might help you :

(or discord community)

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Here's the way i'll deal with your problem.
Please note it's not the only way to do it, but i'm not quite experimented in variables myself. So that's the way i'll do it.

-In the kitchen, Papa says to Mama "Please, go check if the kids are alright". Mama goes outside, checks the kids, then returns. Papa : "Oh, i'm glad they're fine!"


Mama : avatar
SpritePapa : Please, go check if the kids are alright.
outside_room kitchen_room_2 SpritePapa2 : Oh, i'm glad they're fine.


...Is it helpful?

Nice puzzle use of Bitsy possibilities. Great job!

Very nice and positive, as promised :)

This is wonderful! Art, music, colors, everything. Garcia Marquez's ghost must be proud :)

Very nice mood and music

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Nice mood, yet so sad ! ;(

Glad you enjoy these! :D Thanks a lot!

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Nice graphics. You got me with that twist!

Wow! Very impressive for a first game. Nice music mood and graphics :D

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Nice story and colours :D

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I'll remember that story.

Very good! ...Yet sadly true

So much recipes! So many possibilities! :D

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Very nice forest maze! I liked the eyes in the dark

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Thank you for bringing this!


I think you should make an item for portuguese in your first room ("select language room").

Then you write down all text in english and make a conditional dialogue.

So it will look kind of like this :

Alright ! {if portuguese == 1} Todo bem!

Woke up, played this, day made. Thank you

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Cute game! :D

Very nice story! Just wondering why you turn grey after some time... Is it because you becom s***faced?

Nice adaptation of a scheme. This idea needs to expand!

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Thanks! The whole "fishy" thing is what Jonah deserves from disobeying... Guess it's a double pun.

Nice nostalgic feeling. First i didn't notice those were tents

Onion... What should I do? :D

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Nice tale. I can almost feel Time now. Good stars background on the page too!

Thank you!