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Thank you for this comment. If you ever want to take revenge on your aborted project here are some tips:

• A lot of what happens here is nothing more than experimental, like does the drum beat match the top left 1,2,3,4 bars?
• Tempo is approx. 150 bpm to match with the "blinking" sprites
This demo helped me a lot to understand how to make music and SFX happen in bitsy

Hope this helps to get more and more bitsy rhythm games in the near future!

Thank you for playing ! R'n'R!

Beautiful mood here. I think the word you are looking for is pareidolia.

:D this "nope" effect was like the best part of it

Thank you for playing and making this review!
Inanimate objects you randomly find are the worst...
I really appreciated your voice dramatization :)

this is hilarious. i liked the goons knock off. Great job!


In this game items only work as basic "keys" to the next screen. Anything else is exploration of your surroundings. Thank you for playing!

"The world is a piece of land, where to find what you want, you have to scratch the ground patiently without guaranteed success."

Lao She

Thanks for the kind words Valeriy!

Mechanics are not my creation though since i just pushed this game logic a little further (:

Very effective message through minimalistic mechanics. Love this!

Mountain available!

Yeah last minute bug... Sorry about this. Thanks for playing!

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Quite the same here... Game cannot be completed due to lack of testing.

I think there's more...^^ anyway for the "title screen" i'll put a hint in the description.  Thanks for the feedback!

Exploring is key... Have you tried every possible direction/angle?

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...cementing a treehole? nathan is such a douche! ^^ great story though

This is bliss. Excellent story. 10/10 would boil plants again

Very nice exploration game for any confined people. The music is also delightful. Thank you for making this

Thanks for the feedback! Don't know what to say... Except there WILL be a sequel. It really takes a huge amount of time to put this game together. That bug is minor compared to the fear i had of exits ending nowhere. Thank you again! Stay tuned for the rest of this maze (:

please excuse my adverbs :) i meant that you can pass in front of AND behind many objects. This gives a really good depth impression throughout the whole game (especially when in the forest). i may have seen this trickery in some other bitsies but i haven't got no clue how it works.
If you wanna share your process please consider writing a devlog. i'll be happy to read about it!
P.S. By the way i noticed that the pho bowl somehow "ate" its table background, which isn't visible. Keep up the good work!

Very nice use of Bitsy Engine. Loved all minimalistic NPC's design

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Thank you for this game! I really enjoyed the Game-Boy feeling of the map. Are those real places and their IRL spots?

That was a great game!
Story-rich and colorful Bitsy environment. 20-25min average playing time. 
I still wonder how you did this forward-backward magic with the avatar?!?
Thank you for sharing this to the world!

...You can be quite content with the result! Very engaging story which turned out to be longer than expected, especially for a bitsy game! I really enjoyed your take on survivalism. Characters are well developed though i can't figure out how Dronn 26 gets their names without access to database. Apart that a very nice game. Thank you for making this!
tl;dr : "human words" (:

Very nice mood here! I enjoyed the moonlight, walls thickness sensation and the choice you made to show the map first

 Sorry i meant: how many layers to animate this character shoulders?

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I'm three years late, and i wonder, will there be comments like "2022 anyone?" someday? Very nice game

This made my day! if only... :)

The bosses office sure is high! I really enjoyed the sighing person -- how many different layers to get this time delay? i counted like 30 of them!

Great humor! also, "PPAAANNNNGG"

this sorcerer avatar is really accurate! congrats

Truly impressive game with bitsy restrictions. I love puzzling video games and this one is really chilling. Only thing is that i have to pass on some circular slots (the ones next to arrows) several times to get from left to right only because moving on it triggers the exit. I mean maybe the arrows could've serve the purpose of exits instead? Anyway, you got a new follower here (:
PS: I wonder if music is your creation?

Thank you for this game which has a bigger environment than what i expected. I enjoyed the various tree species and ecosystems, and those cute rabbits
I learned a lot about various ecosystems, felt like a child for a bit, and then i wetted my boots again. Splish sploosh! Will recommend.

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I'm the type of person who leaves a comment after playing a good game :)
what kind of creature is the avatar supposed to be? looks like a skinny chihuahua

n°1 usability issue for me (hope it wasn't mentioned earlier) is the similarity between room logos and exits logos (add, duplicate, delete). i always add exits after rooms (especially when there are a lot) and sometimes accidentally erase or duplicate a room instead of an exit because of this... maybe a different window color could help?

Very nice! Mood is really good here. I enjoyed that all poems are kind of "signed" by objects and things. Are you the music composer? Also for more immersive experience i suggest you set a square window for your game, to suppress the blanks around your game (640x640 for example). Looking forward for more of your games!

murky please!

It felt like entering the Village after a harassing quest... Also this music fits on most every bitsy game you made! Love the mood you install, keep up the good job!