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Peter Februar

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I think you should make an item for portuguese in your first room ("select language room").

Then you write down all text in english and make a conditional dialogue.

So it will look kind of like this :

Alright ! {if portuguese == 1} Todo bem!

Woke up, played this, day made. Thank you

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Cute game! :D

Very nice story! Just wondering why you turn grey after some time... Is it because you becom s***faced?

Nice adaptation of a scheme. This idea needs to expand!

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Thanks! The whole "fishy" thing is what Jonah deserves from disobeying... Guess it's a double pun.

Nice nostalgic feeling. First i didn't notice those were tents

Onion... What should I do? :D

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Nice tale. I can almost feel Time now. Good stars background on the page too!

Thank you!

I was short on time, so the maze is only 4 screens... I don't know how it feels to play it though

Ahah can't wait to see Merio's next adventure "deliver Princess Poach"

Nice way to tell a story!

This is high level quality. Everything in this game is wonderful. I just can't find any words to express my admiration. Great work!

Nice mood, though sad... 

Very nice puzzle mechanics

Very nice idea and quiet mood. Love it :)

Haha very nice love card!

this is pure haiku. 10/10 will recommend to discover bitsy

Very nice art! The "brother effect" is great! 

wow! how sweet of you! 10/10 great friendship game

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Nice work! I enjoyed the different perspectives!

 Damn it, can't hide anything to a P.I. detective :D

Thank you! this wave is like a metaphor for all deadlines

...Maybe you didn't find all the endings?

Oh sean thoughts ;)

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Heartwarming story. Very nice mood

Wow. Very unusual concept. Must have taken hours of level design. And the "you win" tunnel... Totally worth it!

Ahah nice onion cameo!

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Very good music mood and graphics!

Love the "toilet blast"!

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Cute-toot! Nice landscapes :D

Thank you!

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Very good story! Nice art! Especially for the back alley path :D

Yep that's just what they do... if you don't consider "out of the litter" things :)

Might be because of the jam STPESS ;p

Catch ALL the fleas!

This is very good! Huge world to explore... Did you made the alphabet yourself? (By the way there's a typo at the starting screen : "PPRESS PLAY!")

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Very nice drawings!

Very good description of an indoor-cat life. <3