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Peter Februar

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971 bits

personal high score

thank you triple Cherry!

"You scored 17 out of 14"

...Did i? :D

Nice idea!

...I guess they're ok! The smokers only needed honey :)

Nice mood here!

...How many escape games can you escape?

It was very funny to play ripple!

So many different moods :D

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Thanks a lot for the feedback AK!

Well it's half intentional half "omg no time left" :D

On second play i noticed this is a nearly mute story...

You don't have to bump into characters at all in this one!

(if you don't wish to)

Stuck at the cafe part... Great story this far!

Very nice story! I love all your accurate skeletons designs! Welcome to Bitsy world!

Wonderful! That's some great design, and the story... i love it!

Here's to such an awesome community.

Unique atmosphere.

Thank you Ripple!

Impressive render of the "jump feeling" on this engine. Great stuff

It already exists! I had the same issue some time ago.

Since the bitsy project is opensource, you can find it here:

Don't forget to check updates regularly!

Great description of anti-depression drugs effect. Good music moods! So many of them... Thank you for this hopeful game! 

Fun fact : this character switching wasn't meant to be! :D Thanks for playing

Thank you for playing!

That's part of why i'm not a cat owner :)

Good use of the theme! Hope this dog will be alright. Not sure though...

Yay! Nice work. Hope it isn't your real own story though...

Very nice use of possibilities! I want a castle with free wifi too! :D

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Very nice dreamy feeling! Good music too

Great mood! Keep up the good job :)

Nice! I had quite the same idea when Bitsyjam theme was "Cats"... Maybe you'll want to have a look?

Great story & mood! Enjoyed the retro feeling of the music :D

Very nice & touching mood. Is it on purpose i can't leave the place at the end?

Very nice story. You've got way too much time in your hands! :D Might need some music to set different moods. Thank you for this!

Very nice story!  :D

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Very nice art! Didn't get any of the story though... Good "masks" design :D

Is... Is it really bitsy-made? ...So many colors! Nice subject too

Very nice mood!

Very nice story

Try to create a clone of your room!

Check that fine bitsy faq

Try to extend the title in your game data.

Be sure to save your current version first!

Hope it helps.

Thank you!!! :D

Same here...

Wow, that was a nice long journey! Very cute game

bitsy 6.0 ;)

Nice riddles and story! I enjoyed it