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Peter Februar

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Heartwarming story. Very nice mood

Wow. Very unusual concept. Must have taken hours of level design. And the "you win" tunnel... Totally worth it!

Ahah nice onion cameo!

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Very good music mood and graphics!

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Love the "toilet blast"!

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Cute-toot! Nice landscapes :D

Thank you!

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Very good story! Nice art! Especially for the back alley path :D

Yep that's just what they do... if you don't consider "out of the litter" things :)

Might be because of the jam STPESS ;p

Catch ALL the fleas!

This is very good! Huge world to explore... Did you made the alphabet yourself? (By the way there's a typo at the starting screen : "PPRESS PLAY!")

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Very nice drawings!

Very good description of an indoor-cat life. <3

Thank you! It's been a while since i thought about using isometric tiles.

Thanks a lot!

That's why they need a walk outside sometimes :D

Nice tamagotchi clone, and very good text screen integration.

How is Rosie supposed to get dirty with quizzes? :D

Ow! Very nice use of a few tiles

By the title i thought it was a human owned cat :)

Un succès ! :D C'est l'idée de l'effacement qui m'a inspiré 

This is brilliant. Never thought about ropes in Bitsy. A masterpiece :)

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Very nice story for a first game! I like the grabbing :D

Very nice art. Kind of struggled with arrows keys, but hey-- this is part of the game i guess!

Why, hello new Bitsy world... What if I ask my road to this young feline fell--oh. :D

Nice first game! Still wonder what's the "white round thing" in the last room.

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Lovely designs! Especially the owl <3

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When is the first bitsy-based Twine? :D

Haha "I'm a human"

Who's watching at the bottom of the screen? Cat dad? :3

Both sad and beautiful... Nice sounds!

Very good mood rendering and colo--- Wait what? The avatar is 4 tiles-sized??? o_O

Nice seashell you got there :)

Very good use of the 3 basic colours!

Replied to Em in Indoor Cat comments
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Yeah "sounds" like i won't be able to fix it :/
Always want to add more! ...and that's what i get in the end.

Edit: fixed!

Mi... Mittenaya... Nooo!

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Nice cloud "travelling effect"! Keep it up :D

I loved the secret ending ;)

Thank you for playing!

Nice game! Beautiful art and soothing music.

Wow, thanks for the feature! Glad you enjoyed it.

Great! I don't feel I got enough skills to go through an improvised bitsy game. Good music and puzzles.

Thank you! The archaeology theme was such an occasion to tell it.