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(there's a reason for this ;) just wait and see)

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Thank you for the kind words! (and for avoiding spoil) ^^
Silly & eerie was exactly my intention, i'm glad it worked on you!

croa croa! <3

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               "I am a cat"
-Prof. Bitsycat the Wise

All hail image-to-bitsy :)
Your sleeping cat is so great! I wondered if it was bitsy-made


n°1 option is the good one. See the bitsy-example we shared on the jam page.
Any other information (game title, extra info) shall be shared in your game page!

All i can say is: big thanks for making me discover this amazing band!

Nice resume of undertale
Holala this song can't get out of me head! Halp

Love the idea of hidden HD, congrats on that!

The legend speaks of a now-peaceful Yendor realm

brb ^^

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Wow. That's a very relatable story. Art and SFX are so good! ***** Thank you cecile!

Almost forgot to mention this...

I found a defunct exit here

which leads here

for you to know =)

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...Discord ne veut plus fonctionner pour moi pour l'instant. Oh no!  :( Que faire? Discord aurait été l'idéal, mais quelles autres options en attendant?

Very nice game! At starting point i wasn't expecting so much story, places and NPCs. I enjoyed the kind of dark humor here and there... And oh my, is that dungeon huge! Lost feeling works pretty well. I could use a devlog about its building ;) Overall a great Bitsy experience. Quarter to half an hour worth of my time. Thank you for making this!
P.S: couldn't find the secret ending... though i delivered everything to everyone. Any hint?

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Content Warning: Black Sabbath might pass on the radio while you play this game (even though the radio isn't on) (:c

Yay champ board! =)

...It's where i got the name! *initiate reocurring Bitsy character* (:

I'll totally be honoured to co-host it. How can we do this?

Thank you Brandon!

...When the lack of time hits, efficiency is key!

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I'm totally into fix frame.
No dialog is quite hard, let's set it as "optional difficulty" :)

3 sentences (or 3 lines) makes more sense than 30 words as it's the haiku kind of base.

Just give it a try to see how Bitsy enthusiasts react! No such thing as parasiting the monthly jam. Be sure to ask the Bitsy discord for further questions (:

Merci! (:

Thank you!

Hmm... Jam rules might be:

-No more than 3 rooms (clones allowed)
-Few or no dialogues (limited number of lines maybe?)
-...Anything else you could think of? :)

I'll be glad to participate to this!

+Here's my favorite bitsy haiku so far:

...queen of the petite reine!

Thank you! Might as well be some of the wind sound in the music that helps... Glad you liked it!

This was very fun! I found all characters very charming... well, except Spoob. 
I skipped the champion's dialogue, so i didn't know how much fishes i was supposed to catch! Could there be a board of it somewhere? Thank you for making this!

i love any isometric attempt on bitsy. Your art is brilliant. No music for me though :/ Keep up the good work!

...Excellente approche inattendue du thème! Ainsi, un fantôme est (aussi) un vaisseau.  L'abstraction de Bitsy est ici très bien utilisée... Chapeau!

...Avec de tels brocanteurs, c'est pas demain la veille qu'on pourra s'adonner à l'odontoscalpophilie (:

You sure have a lot of occult artifacts at home (:

absolutely worth playing

oh no

This is very nice and relatable. Thoughts to all refugees around the world. Thank you for making this. Take care!

Very relatable story. "Organic sparkles" sounds like a good idea to attract people to the wonders of recycling! =)

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This is bliss for the eyes and heart. Love it. Few questions though:

-Do the arched trees really exist? even if made up by some human touch?

-Do i spot a reference to Real Cave Story here? or is it unintended? =)