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Top down shooter made in Bevy
Submitted by Festus, IyesGames (@IyesGames), ShadowCurse, Demindiro (@Demindiro) — 41 minutes, 2 seconds before the deadline
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Theme Interpretation#601.8722.267

Ranked from 15 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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This was cool, I liked the background. Was pretty difficult though haha


I get lost in the map all the time. I wish there was more indication of where to go. It feels like the only way forward is to actually explore/die/retry, and explore a little more next run etc until you have the whole compound mapped and know where the exit is. The first minute of the game becomes very repetitive with that game loop.

I think otherwise that the game is pretty well polished. The presentation is top tier and sound design feel good. But I really wish I could say more positive things.


I managed to get the game running on MacOS by cloning the repo, checking out the last commit before the jam deadline, and unzipping one of the release zips inside to get the assets.

Is the assets repo private on purpose / are you not allowed to redistribute those?

I found it slightly difficult to click fast enough to shoot only 1-2 bullets at a time and not waste ammo, and the amount of enemies seemed pretty extreme. On some runs more than others, so maybe that's the spawning bug?

Also got hosed one run when bullets collided with ammo boxes which was unexpected.

And on my very first run my cursor got "lost" in the bright spot in the room and I became very confused.

Overall a nice looking and smooth game though!


I've made a quick post-jam bugfix update for anyone interested. The rules of the jam are that the version uploaded during the jam should be used for rating, and uploads are frozen, but if anyone is interested in trying the game with the crosshair and enemy spawning bug fixed, you can download the update from here: (windows), (linux) The assets and executables have also been recompressed to make the file size smaller. The game is otherwise unchanged.


Nice game. Red dot is being off from where the bullets hit made this way harder than it should have been. Timer also feels a bit tight.


Sorry about the crosshair, we noticed it, but had gamebreaking bugs to fix right before release, and so it got left in. The lore reason for that is the aliens bending the barrel of your gun to gain an unfair advantage ;). 

Thanks for trying it out!


Tried the fix and it helped a lot. I was able to beat it.

It still feels a little awkward, since the enemies rush you in a straight line but if the reticule is too close you tend to miss the next enemies rushing you. since the bullets will go off on an angle then.