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A jam submission

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They've got a secret!
Submitted by Sean (@seansleblanc) — 6 days, 4 hours before the deadline
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|| I-,`'-' \=I 'I '--I -' |'s page

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Interesting game! I included it in my Bitsy Jam: A Secret compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


thanks here is my playthrough couldnt read the text I saw comments text is buggy gg all the same 


The text being illegible is intentional , but thanks for playing!

cool glad it was meant to be that way thanks :)

Host (1 edit)

this is really neat! each room feels like its own little mystery

That said, I may have found a bug. You're using WebGLazy as a post-processing layer right? I assume the intended effect is the chunky text, which is really cool. However,  I also noticed on some browsers (Safari on Mac, Edge on Windows) the whole game screen is blurry - like looking through a fogged up window. Is that also intentional?


Yeah, unfortunately I'm relying on CSS for the upscaling and Edge still doesn't have a nearest-neighbour interpolation mode. I don't have an apple device to test it out on, but I've read that Safari is supposed to support `image-rendering: -webkit-optimize-constrast;` - not sure why it isn't working!


Oh right, it's really annoying how inconsistent the support for that feature is between browsers. That's why every "pixel" in bitsy is actually a 4x4 square... :/


For some reason the text is too pixelated to read.


(not a bug)