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Disguiser (2021 7DRL)View game page

Use disguises to loot guarded mansions
Submitted by James McNeill — 1 day, 7 hours before the deadline
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Traditional Roguelikeness#1073.0003.000

Ranked from 3 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Judge feedback

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  • "Disguiser" looks great, and features stealth mechanics with involved enemy behavior. I like the level design a lot, and I enjoyed hiding from enemies behind trees and tables. Wearing uniforms is pretty cool too - I think I even noticed that the guards do a better job of recognizing me if I face them, and not so much when they are looking at my back? There is even a side mechanic of diving underwater for a limited amount of time. Based on the game description/devlog, this game is built on a previous 7DRL entry/framework, and after playing that game for a bit, it seemed like a lot of "Disguiser" can be found in "ThiefRL2" as well.
  • Really cool. Simple but deep enough to keep things interesting. Well done!
  • Disguiser is a charming stealth puzzle game with a surprising amount of depth. The game runs smoothly and is easy to interpret, with a clean and stylish tileset. The _fun_ is easy to find! The game rewards patience and skill, but if you fumble or take a risk the humour that arises from the dialogue system and npc behaviour cushions your fall and prevents frustration. The fundamental loop of the gameplay is complete, the game just needs additional mechanics or progression to allow the character to scale alongside the difficulty of the levels.

Successful or Incomplete?

Did development of the game take place during the 7DRL Challenge week. (If not, please don't submit your game)

Do you consciously consider your game a roguelike/roguelite? (If not, please don't submit your game)

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As a huge Thief fan I can say that this game replicates some of the feelings I have with the game. Stealing right below the guards noses and lurking in the shadows feels great. I would love to see multiple floors, ways to manipulate the enviroment, and more intricate level design like each level having an underground (sewer, basement, etc.) way of entering, also it could be the other way around, climbing up a tree and sneaking throught the upper floors. This has HUGE potential (in my humble opinion).


Thanks! I am also a huge fan of the Thief games (and the mod scene for them).

You've got some good ideas. I've thought about doing multiple levels; mainly unsure about how separate the levels should be. If they are totally separate (enemies can't go back and forth) then there isn't much point, other than giving the player some extra routes. If they're just layers of a level (upstairs, downstairs, basement) with free movement between then it is a bit more difficult to present clearly. (Let's say an enemy is spotting you from an upper balcony; how would that be represented?) It might be worth it to have layers though. I've also done sketching on isometric tilesets; still not sure about that. It does make things less clear.

More types of levels is definitely a good area to explore. Getting more varied texture to levels, too; it's just a collection of connected rooms right now.

We'll see! I'm a professional game developer in addition to a hobby game developer. I don't always have a lot of free time. Once a year I take a week to work on things like this though.


Very cool entry! Could see myself spending a few work breaks here and there just chillin' out and looting some manors. Also appreciate the pure simplicity of the controls and how quick and easy it is to pick up and play with very little knowledge or understanding of the genre, great work!


Really enjoyed this entry! Took a bit to get used to the mechanics, but once you figure out what you can get away with, you feel awesomely sneaky when you finally clear out that mansion and escape into the night! Well-polished, feels complete, with solid gameplay.  I also appreciated the arrow-key-diagonal affordance for playing on laptops - I hadn't seen that control scheme before. Well done!


Thanks for the kind words! I got the Ctrl/Shift scheme from Dose Response. I haven’t played it enough for it to be second nature, and my wife’s notebook’s left Ctrl key is busted so it’s no help there.