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an anti-fascist urban brawler roguelike
Submitted by -hexcavator- (@bryinlyin) — 2 days, 8 hours before the deadline
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Traditional Roguelikeness#1063.2503.250

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  • Well this game really grew on me! The political premise of it made me groan, but once I started playing I realized it's actually something pretty neat! I like the ambient sound effects; they really add to the atmosphere. And the concept of moving multiple bands of rioters simultaneously is just... brilliant. You wouldn't expect it to work, but it did! Attacking with group 1 might cause group 2 to be vulnerable, so do you really want to do that? And then there were the enemies that knocked you back when they attack, so you have to surround them from multiple sides to have a chance to hit them... clever!
  • The concept of stacking and strengthening scattered units is unique. There are all kinds of distractions in the map, so the stack isn't that easy. When things go well, you can reverse the inferiority, so it's refreshing. It has a fascination that makes you play with it.
  • When I saw CONVERGER was topical in nature, I wondered how well it'd play and I must say, I'm in love with it. I kept coming back to just one more go at getting those robodog units out of the way. It's a short roguelike, 14 levels, but the mechanics are deep and work with the principles of the setting - we are stronger together and we move together. The stats system is great, I can see from a glance how strong something is and how much of a pain it's going to be to bring down, as well as how strong my punks are (and how much stronger they'll be in one group). The books buff system is real great - some of the buffs I got made it real worth trying to pick them up while dodging the fash (like an extra +1 ally unit every level? so useful). There's more strategy in this than I expected at first, having to work out how to get your punks out of trouble, when to stand your ground and trying to manipulate the AI into walking through hazards. The tutorial at the beginning is very well put together, the audio is simple but effective, and the graphics are solid. I took a peek at the post 7DRL version and I must say, I'm a fan of the title screen and other little improvements. I'd love to see what a full, polished version would look like, cause this version already has me hooked.
  • A fun, reasonably challenging game with a unique soft sci-fi premise.

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Neat idea! Enjoyed combining all my punks together to make little big circle pit mobs, not fully sure I grasped the idea behind the tomes but was a fun play either way.


thanks for playing! i wasn't able to implement the tomes quite as meaningfully as i hoped during the jam, but i'm working on fleshing out the mechanic a bit and will update when i can!