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Roguelike where you combine runes to make spells!
Submitted by Jay (@JaysGames) — 1 day, 19 hours before the deadline
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  • Thanks a lot for participating in the 7DRL, and getting an entry submitted. I enjoyed this one quite a bit - once I figured out how to not kill myself with fire spells. The rune / spell system is a neat idea, and it doesn't take long to figure out the rune combinations that work for your style. Great sprites - I urge you to continue building on this one if you have some further ideas you want to pursue here. Thanks again, and hope you had a great time putting this together!
  • A lot of great stuff about this game, and a lot of room for improvement. Will try to document my ratings: Completeness (3): My main complaint is that inventive spellcrafting isn't needed to win the game. There aren't many (any?) situations when I really need to think what to use; I think I won without using poison and force. If I understood correctly, fire and ice are identical as well. You could add resistances to enemies, more puzzle elements like doors that open when you use the correct rune, and probably lots of other stuff - the base concept is great and it should be easy to extend it! In addition, I think it would help to know what level the player is on - I lost count and took a while to realize that I was on the last level, and should use that portal in my inventory to win :) It's not clear what attributes each item has, beyond simple max HP increase. Aesthetics (4): I liked the art, especially the visuals of spellcasting and all the different enemies. I did not enjoy the waiting time after every action, although I understand the technical limitations behind it. Fun (3): The game was still enjoyable enough to finish, but I think it can be much more fun with the abovementioned additions, and perhaps a final boss? Right now it doesn't pose much challenge after the player learns the spells. Innovation (3): This seems to resemble Magicka quite a lot conceptually, but I can't bring myself to give it a 2.

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looks and feels great and I can see the inspiration from Cinco Paus :)

Great job :)


Thank you!  I'm not familiar with Cinco Paus but I will look it up now

Jam Judge (1 edit) (+1)

I thought it was quite fun. Graphics were great, movement felt good. Obviously more information on the screen would be nice. Perhaps it'd be cool to start with less runes and fine more as you go through the dungeon? That'd make it easier to experiment over time with.


Thanks for the kind words :D  It's funny you mention that because that was totally the planned progression but balancing the drops and getting enough damage to deal with the later enemies was taking more time that I didnt have.  I'm going to try to work in a system of gaining runes / slots in the future as well as more interesting combos (chaos is just not fun atm)

Jam Judge(+1)

Ah, I see. That makes sense. Giving the player a base is more important then making it actually impossible later down the line. Good choice in that case.


Got my butt kicked lol. Was experiementing with spells for a while but had to read the guide so I quit murdering myself. Pretty fun to use the different powers after that. Also the graphics and effects and stuff are nice. Good work!


Thank you!  I really needed more info / feedback in game and just... less dangerous outcomes lol.  Hopefully in a later update there will also be more interesting combos :D  


Oo neato! Maybe...unlockable runes??? :O


<.<    >.>   You didnt hear it from me, but maybeee there are a few in the works like beam and curse


ooooooo then I'm maybe looking forward to it heh