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Worth noting, the levels are paced well. Slow but steady difficulty curve.

This is super fun. The movement mechanic keeps being interesting the whole time. At the end now I'm like...I want to play as the other robot and see what their movement is like, heh. Great work!

Carl!!! This is so much fun. The game just feel great to play. The squishy bus with giant squishy wheels is awesome to drive around. Took me a sec to figure out how to play (is there ever a reason for Carl to leave the bus?) but once I did I managed to get 18 and could probably do a bit better. Awesome job team!!!

This is great. Combination between overhead shooter and Breakout. Somehow managed to get to 81. Just fyi you can pick up your projectiles! Also there may be something strategic about shooting downwards at enemies, but I haven't quite worked out the ideal strat yet

music is phenom

ill try again thanks!

windows 10. Ill give that a shot, thanks a lot!

Oh cool! Thanks :D

For sure! Also, is it true that capital letter monsters are stronger? That's what I sorta thought while playing but I didn't really investigate

Really easy to pick up and fun to play and progress. The sound design is spot on, and I really enjoyed the art style. I enjoy buying the upgrades, but I never felt like the order of the runes really mattered to my success. Awesome work! One of the best entries I've played of this 7DRL. Bonus points for it working on web on my phone, that was great.

Wow the level of polish on here is awesome. Easy to pick up and fun to play. I made the mistake of skipping an entire level cuz I had a quick route to the stairs. Reader beware, this was a mistake. Seems like the difficulty between nodes on a level can vary pretty widely but, that's the roguelike spirit aint it. Awesome work!

I'm having trouble running this, it sent me to install .net core so I installed 3.1.2 and it still doesn't work. Do you know what version I need? Thanks!

I get a OpenAL32.dll not found error when I try to play, after unzipping :(

Got a good, classic feel. I'm impressed by how many monsters and items there are. Got a hecka op Trident on the first floor, that was fun. Having a hard time not getting completely ruined by some of the monsters. But that's the joy of the genre I suppose :P great work!

ooooooo then I'm maybe looking forward to it heh

Thanks! Thats a neat idea, having a way to shout away the enemies. Especially if it was on a cooldown or something you have to find so its precious/rare. Thanks for playing!

Oo neato! Maybe...unlockable runes??? :O

Neat! Pretty challenging. Got completely rekt by the ghosts. The phone theme is funny. Good work!

The idea of this is very cool. Its really interesting to play out these battles with full knowledge. I love the color palette and the music. Dang if it isn't hard though, I got obliterated like 4 runs before giving up heh. Awesome!

Got my butt kicked lol. Was experiementing with spells for a while but had to read the guide so I quit murdering myself. Pretty fun to use the different powers after that. Also the graphics and effects and stuff are nice. Good work!

wow this is really awesome. So JIGGLY. I really like the "you are dead" sequence and the sound design and music

Thanks! This is as far as I've made it too heh

Thanks! :D

Yea ok the in game help explains it all pretty well. Now to figure out how to actually do well

Oops, I posted this on the devlog by accident.

This is super deep. Nice work. I played it a bit and enjoyed it but I really need to sit down and dig deep. A short quick start guide to the UI might help actually. Great work!

It occurs to me now that the devlog is kinda a guide of how to play, so thanks for that. I am not familiar with Heroes so it helps. Oh and I just read that you have a help menu too. Dang nice. Gonna dive in again sometime soon

Wow this is really awesome. The moment where the bard played me a song, it really sounded like a bard just dooping on a mandolin lol. Level of polish off the charts

Balance needs a bit of tweaking but the world generation is pretty cool. I like how not every node is a fight, there is other stuff that can happen on your path. Nice work

Dang, polished and beautiful. Nice work!

Yea its a bit odd since they don't chase you. They only hurt you if they decide to move towards you and you dont get out of the way. Do you think it would be helpful if they always attack you if you're next to them?

Thanks! I'll take a look :)

Very juicy and fun. Crazy well polished. The sheer number of stats is a bit confusing, I ended up just going ham on dodge chance and it worked pretty good. Nice job y'all!

Good job! This was nice to play, fun and simple mechanic and nice music. It was a bit tricky to tell whether I was going to collide with things or not, but I got the hang of it quickly.

Great job! Lots of good bounciness and thumpiness in the animations. Very addictive, the platforming feels pretty nice. Great work.

I got thrashed by the CPU player. Fun and polished loop!

Hilarious game, great job! Recommend using a very big weapon hehehe. (Posted this on the wrong page at first)

This is hilarious. And metaphorical! Recommended weapon: A REALLY REALLY BIG WEAPON

Really moody, I like it! Nice work.

Tight! Played this many times until I beat it. Easy to pick up and get into. Nice!

Very addictive. Funny writing. It is tricky to find destinations, but that's part of what makes it fun! A bit like Starflight in that regard. Nice work, very impressive.

Very polished, very simple yet addictive loop. Good job! I really enjoyed slapping those pizzas together