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Thanks! I'll take a look :)

Very juicy and fun. Crazy well polished. The sheer number of stats is a bit confusing, I ended up just going ham on dodge chance and it worked pretty good. Nice job y'all!

Good job! This was nice to play, fun and simple mechanic and nice music. It was a bit tricky to tell whether I was going to collide with things or not, but I got the hang of it quickly.

Great job! Lots of good bounciness and thumpiness in the animations. Very addictive, the platforming feels pretty nice. Great work.

I got thrashed by the CPU player. Fun and polished loop!

Hilarious game, great job! Recommend using a very big weapon hehehe. (Posted this on the wrong page at first)

This is hilarious. And metaphorical! Recommended weapon: A REALLY REALLY BIG WEAPON

Really moody, I like it! Nice work.

Tight! Played this many times until I beat it. Easy to pick up and get into. Nice!

Very addictive. Funny writing. It is tricky to find destinations, but that's part of what makes it fun! A bit like Starflight in that regard. Nice work, very impressive.

Very polished, very simple yet addictive loop. Good job! I really enjoyed slapping those pizzas together

Hey cool! A nice and easy to understand fun loop. Need to have good reflexes to dodge those clouds once I get up to speed. A way to make it feel more "fair" might be to move the character  further up on screen, to give the player just a couple more milliseconds of reaction time. Nice job!