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All exactly the same! Lol, except the hit boxes I guess. There are like ~19 animals, and each one eats 9 and gets eaten by 9. Before I tried making e.g. the lion eat more different animals, but then lions would just win all of the time. It could be interesting to see what happens if they have different actions and movements

Trippy as heck, nice. Is that a field of fire hydrants?

Thanks for playing our game! Good call, added that. Hopefully it works on platforms other than windows

It took me a sec to realize the upper grid was changing while I was trying to match it. Since it doesn't fit all in the screen at once I thought I was losing my mind. Definitely adds to the experience. Funny stuff, nice work lol

This was real fun, so much variety dang

I made it! Never saw the blue U shape in my run through

Satisfying to play, especially the ending

I think I got like 20! Is there a way to restart without restarting the game?

Love it, esp once papa nurgle was on my side

Gotcha! Since the zombies would often block shots for the casters it felt like they were cooperating and being "smart" so that definitely worked!

This game feels sooooo good to play. The physics are really fun and it looks and sounds great. I liked to just turn off and on all 4 tracks sometimes just cuz it would change up the music. Nice work y'all! Would love to play more of it.

This game looks and feels great. The AI was pretty good for the zombies and casters. Some of the levels felt similar to each other, but otherwise this was a fun game. Awesome work!

Wow this is just a properly good puzzle game. Looks and sounds good, the levels flow together nicely, the new mechanics are introduced at a good pace. Starts straightforward and gets challenging. Awesome job. Literally the only criticism is I wish it auto-restarts when you fall LOLLL

158! Really rad game. Clicked on it because the title and glad I did. Fun and tricky and cute. Really love how the head rolls lol, such a nice touch. Awesome work!

Ummm yes to everything about this. Good idea good execution good ending. I can imagine lots more interesting things y'all could do with the mechanic. Awesome work!

This was short and cute, I would have liked to play more of it, but I really really appreciated the little cut scene at the end haha. Awesome!

Also the music is great

DID THEY TEXT HER?? This was very cute! The game mechanic was tricky, but captured the feeling of stumbling over a conversation feeling awkward. Nice work!

Wow this is pretty fun! The combos started to make sense once I played for a little while. After getting comfortable with the mechanic I started developing strategies like just sending extra carts away even for no points, which was satisfying to figure out. Generally really easy to get what is going on once you remember the combos. It crashed on me a couple of times, but other times I was able to finish games.

Great job! I could imagine playing this on my phone

Real cute game. The graphics look great! And the puzzles are good. Interesting mechanic. I kinda wish there were checkpoints, probably because I am bad lol. Awesome work!

Well polished and really fun. The controls and mechanics feel good and are very clear. The enemies feel very different from one another. Really like the turtles lol. One bug I noticed is that you can get stuck against a wall behind a turtle sometimes. I wish I had some way to help the followers dodge out of the way of projectiles, but to be honest, the balance/timing of getting and losing followers feels really good, so maybe it is good as-is.

Awesome work! I would love to play more of this in the future.

Hey! This is really cool. The mechanic is really clever and interesting. I appreciate the variety of enemies that are in the game, they all feel different from each other which makes them interesting. I particularly like the AI of the key gators. It took me a sec to realize the map was bigger than one screen, and then I was like whoa...this is actually a good size game, nice. Two small snags I hit: I wish gravity was a little stronger so jumping and falling could be a bit faster. Also there was one spot where I got stuck and couldn't figure out how to respawn (though maybe there was a way to).

Awesome work! Thanks for the fun game :)

Fun little game! The steering mechanic for the cannon balls is interesting. My high score is not very good lol. Is there a benefit to charging up your cannon shots? For example, do more powerful shots increase your score? I found that charging my shots generally made it hard to hit targets. I bet if y'all added a little ui "targeting" thing that showed where your cannon ball was going to come down, that might make it feel good.

Great work!

:D Thanks for your time!

Thank you!

We added checkpoints :)

True lol. How far did you get?

Just fixed! Thanks for the heads-up.

2817 lets goooo

We used a couple of these in a jam game, including Embush as the final boss fight music. Great work! :)

Used some of these in our jam game, thank you :)

Used a handful of these in our jam game, thanks for the great sounds :)

Used Baby Boxer as the boss of our jam game, thank you for the great work :)

(1 edit)

Used this character in a jam game, thanks for the great asset :)

Used this and more of yours, thank you for the great asset :)

Worth noting, the levels are paced well. Slow but steady difficulty curve.

This is super fun. The movement mechanic keeps being interesting the whole time. At the end now I'm like...I want to play as the other robot and see what their movement is like, heh. Great work!

Carl!!! This is so much fun. The game just feel great to play. The squishy bus with giant squishy wheels is awesome to drive around. Took me a sec to figure out how to play (is there ever a reason for Carl to leave the bus?) but once I did I managed to get 18 and could probably do a bit better. Awesome job team!!!

This is great. Combination between overhead shooter and Breakout. Somehow managed to get to 81. Just fyi you can pick up your projectiles! Also there may be something strategic about shooting downwards at enemies, but I haven't quite worked out the ideal strat yet

music is phenom