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Dive deep into the network, downloading data and avoiding the AIs as long as possible
Submitted by XenonGhost — 1 day, 14 hours before the deadline
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  • Well done, the game feels complete for a "tiny hack" :) The aesthetics are appropriate and I like the different colours for the subnets. While initially fun the novelty quickly wears off with nothing else to do in the game except move (i.e. run away from enemies) and hack dollars.

  • TinyHack has a good look to it, and is a solidly encapsulated 7DRL project that delivers a unique experience. 

    That said, even though it had ASCII graphics and procedural map, I sort felt more like I was playing a puzzle or a hacking minigame than a roguelike.  With guards spawning and filling the map every few turns, things get clausterphobic fast.  This makes it increasingly difficult to hack and leave the exit in time, to the point where I don't think it's really possible to get past level 5 or 6 or so.  Your only goal is to earn points by hacking money nodes anyway, and nothing you gain really gives you any additional tricks or help. 

    Overall, a pretty solid procedural puzzle, albeit one that feels a tad self-limiting in how quickly the players' options dry up.

    • Completeness - 4 (Polished, bug free, but not with a degree of features that would surprise for a 7DRL.)
    • Aesthetics - 4 (Looks great for ASCII, well-integrated instructions, character selection, colorizing, and such.)
    • Fun - 3 (Worth a play, but I'm not likely to stick around after I get the gist of it.  I could not get any better after trying for an hour, so I sort of feel like it might be impossible to do particularly well.)
    • Scope - 3 (A solid job for a 7DRL, but not a surprising scope.)
    • Roguelike - 2 (The turn-based mechanics, FOV limitations, ASCII graphics, and procedural maps are fairly roguelike, but I feel like it was more of a guard-avoidance puzzle.  Maybe a 2.5, tops.)

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Great game! Enjoyed playing it due to its simplicity and ease of play. Would be greater if the icons where larger, but otherwise an amazing game!

I hope it will be worked more on more after the jam!



Jam JudgeSubmitted(+1)

I love the way this game looks. I didn't understand the grey ghost images at first, but once I understood them it made it much easier to move strategically. This seems like the perfect scope for a seven day project, and also feels like it would be a great foundation for additional mechanics.


This is a fun concept, perfect for a jam! I like how colorful it is, despite its simplicity. Nice job!


This is neat and easy to get into.  I'm getting older and I wished the characters were a little larger.  I didn't understand the part about the subnets, as the AI seems to go wherever it wants to.  Nice looking game.


Thank you for your comment and playing my game! I will definitely consider making improvements on the legibility of the game, both visually and design-wise.