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Will the full version have Linux support at some point in the future?

Ohhhhhh, okay
My bad then

Bro why are the controls ZQSD

Ohhhhh, thanks mate

There seems to be no way to exit the text box at the beginning of the game, so you are stuck talking to the spider dude

I think it's unlocked past the 2nd challenge

Is ice/cold a completely useless element? Ice Orbs and any bow with an ice damage attribute always has a 0% slow, meaning it does absolutely nothing

Alright! I'll eagerly await the sequel then! :D

Also, an idea: On the death screen, show the roadmap of how far you've gotten, maybe with some special effects or of that sort!

Is there a discord server for this game? Would be nice to know about some fun leaks or news! :D

Does this game have a discord server?

It's a hammer, hence "hammerpick"

This allows you to gather more light when the light is oscillating higher

Bug: Shops don't respawn when you die

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Perhaps Hookshot and Binoculars should be unlockable items that you only buy once?

Concept: Boxing Gloves as a secret weapon upgrade to Fists, which stuns enemies for longer and deals more damage. Maybe crouching puts you in a blocking stance

Please allow an option for WASD movement instead of Arrow keys

This could work well as an online co-op game! Well done mate

This game has an extremely captivating storyline, it has a large assortment of lovable/likable characters, and overall just a great design. The ending really caught me off guard, and I am really hoping for a sequel. This game touched my heart.

Try Danganronpa.

I'm hoping that you are still working on this absolute masterpiece good sir.

Great game. Feels like hell, and is hell, but hey, isn't that what that line of work is supposed to be?

Great game, but it would be great if there was a way to keybind the shoot key to something other than "J". Its a very awkward key to use.

Otherwise, great game, premise, and level design!

Greta concept, but there is no reload: How am I supposed to kill a couple thousand zombies with only 23 shots? (20 from the start and 3 from the second gun)

I don't get this, and I'm pretty sure you cant

Good game. Game froze after I looked at that anonymous guy, but ima guess thats on purpose

Great game! Enjoyed playing it due to its simplicity and ease of play. Would be greater if the icons where larger, but otherwise an amazing game!

I hope it will be worked more on more after the jam!

Amazing game. Extremely addictive, challenging, yet makes you feel very epic. Perfect balance!

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Apparently, if you go into the water outside of the cave, you get stuck in limbo and your map shows that you aren't moving, and no matter where you walk, nothing happens. Other that, great game!

Yeah. Most likely have frame rate issues. I'll try on a different browser

I can't even jump over the first obstacle. not sure what im supposed to do

SHRUBNAUT community · Created a new topic Wont load

When you open up the game, a small loading screen shows, bu after it reaches a hundred percent, it just turns black.

Amazing game. Extremely addictive and brilliant in gameplay.