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A jam entry

Haunted GauntletView game page »

Submitted by zombievirals with 1 hour, 42 minutes before the deadline
Rated by 8 people so far
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The game is hard - and that's fine in concept, especially since each run is only 10-20s long, meaning you don't keep losing lots of progress all the many times you die. That said, quite a lot of the difficulty comes from what appears to be dodgy collision - if you're anywhere near an enemy, you hit them, and jumping next to a wall stops you dead in your tracks. That said, the graphics are good, with some interesting monster designs, and I did enjoy it enough to beat it a few times to try and beat my, uh, time.


This was a fun time, and I really enjoyed your graphics and sound design


Thanks! It wasn't easy, but I think next time I make something retro style I'm going to start out using Constructs(retro style) settings which keeps it from blurring pixels and what not. As far as the music went, I had trouble with that, I would keep composing track after track in FL Studio using the Piano Roll and would just be disgusted with everything I was coming up with, finally I came up with something I was happy with.


Nice game, took me some time to not get hit, and still managed a decent time.


Thanks!! I spent a lot of time trying to find a balance between making the game too easy and too difficult, good job on the time!