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The biggest problem with this game is probably that we ended up not having enough time to test it, leaving it with a fair few bugs, dodgy mechanics and practically unbeatable levels.

The jumping in this game feels oddly unresponsive, and I couldn't figure out how to get past the first area. I'm assuming you're supposed to use the wall jump, but that was implemented really awkwardly, so I couldn't get that to work.

The game is hard - and that's fine in concept, especially since each run is only 10-20s long, meaning you don't keep losing lots of progress all the many times you die. That said, quite a lot of the difficulty comes from what appears to be dodgy collision - if you're anywhere near an enemy, you hit them, and jumping next to a wall stops you dead in your tracks. That said, the graphics are good, with some interesting monster designs, and I did enjoy it enough to beat it a few times to try and beat my, uh, time.

Turning, and therefore aiming, in this game is really awkward, forcing you to pretty much just stand still and trade blows with the enemies, which have a lot of health, forcing you to take quite a bit of damage, and quite a bit of time standing still and mashing Ctrl in order to kill them and progress. The start of the game is also very punishing - you barely have enough ammo to kill the first enemy, and if you run out, you just have to restart, and this is made all the worse by it being so difficult to aim. There's also some buggy-looking hit detection when shooting around walls. That said, moving around is fine, outside of turning, the game looks good and I like the open level design. My favourite part of the game would probably be the death animations - they look just like the death animations in Doom! (From what I remember of it, at least)

The only thing holding this game back is how short it is. If it had more levels, and introduced more mechanics this game would be amazing! What's there is still really good though, if a little simple.

The graphics are really good! It almost looks like an NES game, but the colour palette doesn't quite fit that. I'm not sure whether I like the addition of the mechanic in the original Super Mario Bros where you basically have to hold down the run button the whole time to play the game or not, and the jumping is suuuper heavy and suuuper short. Somehow, it manages to work though, so good job!

Really challenging game with interesting mechanics. Very polished - I didn't find any bugs or major problems with it! The only problem I do have is with how fast you fall if you phase near the bottom of the screen. 

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The most fun thing about this game was abusing the infinite wall jump bug to zoom to the top really fast :D

The dissolving platforms dissolve so fast as to be annoying - you already have lava chasing you, you're not going to want to stay still for long, even without the platform disappearing in .3s!