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That makes total sense, thanks for the response

Hey, I was wondering if people had thoughts on putting prices on games made for tabletop game jams. I know that for video game jams, the etiquette is to make your game freely available for the sake of sharing it with other participants, so it caught me off guard that not every game has been free in recent tabletop jams.

On one hand, if people are creating finished projects, they deserve to benefit from that, but that does establish a particular spirit for the jam.

I don't have a clean solution. Maybe creators could make projects free until the end of a jam and then change the price, which would make things more available, but cut into the value of the game.

I'd be glad to hear other thoughts on this.

I really like the mechanic of your cursor revealing parts of the world, I think that's a really clever. I had a little bit of trouble with enemies staying at the top of ladders making it hard to move forward, but I think overall you've got a neat little game here and the atmospheric music suits it well.

This was really cool. I liked the design of one huge complicated level. The parallax scrolling with the background was nicely done too

This was a fun time, and I really enjoyed your graphics and sound design

Thanks, I really appreciate it! I'm glad it hooked you

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it

Thanks so much! I’m really glad you enjoyed it