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Can you post the log files from the directory: `C:\Users\[USER]\AppData\LocalLow\Thaun` ?

I really should have be a bit clearer on how to clear the levels. You would need to land the rocket, but thanks for the suggestions.

Thank you for playing,

  • Good idea, i never really even thought of it, but should been added.
  • A free look camera was atm not good with the current movement system i had created, too much to fixate so i had to drop it. Well, there is this secondary camera when you press 'V' and see if that is better.

The uploaded build in itch only has the first scene, these above me have all the scenes of the game.

After the last second build:
x86 x64

Tried on a different pc, and it all seems to work for some reason, here is a screenshot of my score:

Here is a list of bugs we found:

Here is what our designer is saying about your comment from the alignment:

"First off, all the platforms and sprites are arranged on a grid

they just don't correctly move on that grid due to not having time to program that in

It's also based off of the Atari 2600, so that grid isn't square either"

Thanks for your feedback,

The second player can be controlled with the arrow keys, just almost like the WAD key.

Currently it's mostly designed for two players to play together, but you can still play by one.

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A clarification of what I meant by "annoying" is not meant as "this game is bad", it's like for example: "Its annoying that this game kills me all the time", good for challengers.

I just suck at difficult games.

Thank you for your reply.

I will take your suggestion fairly and will continue to improve the game so we can have a finalized prototype, we still have alot to do.

Ah, now i see it.

Nice game, took me some time to not get hit, and still managed a decent time.

Nice game, jumping is a bit of a pain, does not work perfectly.

I like that you can shoot yourself up with walls and space spamming.

That was the tiniest game i have ever played, imagine those with 4k and future monitors

Here is a gameplay/bug video:

It was very easy to find these kind of bugs.

Here is what i have written:

1. Loading time of the game is terrible, takes minutes to open.
2. The game is buggy.

Bug #1: You can jump in walls and side to platforms.
Bug #2: You can jump in mid air.
Bug #3: Game crashes easily.
Bug #4: Q is set for left, and D is set to right, it should be A for left, and probably best for Space to be jump.

Easy game, why? Cause you could just hold down the button C to spam shoot, ofcourse you loose points of it, but you earn more points than you loose, so this game is very easy, you never die while holding the C button.


* Have a higher penalty for shooting.

* Give lower points for mobs.

* Fix the collision boxes so you must move so you dont get hit.

This game hurts my eyes.

What is the game?

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Best gameplay ever i have ever seen, the .PNG file i downloaded was the best thing i ever saw.

Upvote 100/100.

Thank you for the recommendation, i will check it out.

Still needs many improvements :)

Thanks, still needs improvements though.

Thank you for replying, I have been reported that the difficulty might be a bit too high, I might lower the difficulty.

Thanks for the reply, the issue has been fixed in the next update, i have also added an information to check out about how to play the game and how to get coins.

Not even a game.

For have this game working, or even get participated correctly, upload the whole unity game files in a zip. This game is unplayable when you only post the .exe file with no data files.

Bug Report: On the principals office (the monster academy) im getting stuck, and i cant go out. 

This game is awesome, i want to tell how the game was, but it feels it will give out spoilers.