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Game Updates Sticky

A topic by Haploid7 created Sep 09, 2017 Views: 110 Replies: 4
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right down below you can post status updates about your game, maybe even give away some details about it. and if you can't solve an error this would be the perfect place as well! why did i make this? because iam surious about how many people are making a game. and how much they have done :D

well, i have a little bit done by now. just a simple layout. but that's because i went to sleep right after the theme announcement. iam using terminal as in a computer terminal btw. and iam not going to say more about my game yet. because it has to stay a secret doesn't it? thats my stuff for now then. good luck to all the other jammers!


Fun Fact:

yesterday i fell asleep before the announcement. and 20 minutes before start i woke up all frightened that i missed it XD


@mnemonic7 i am participating don't know if I'll have a finished game
Have some other stuff to get done this weekend :)


it's my very first time on unreal engine 4 :O have a lot of bugs, but i learn a lot of things ;) 

my game will be probably playable but unfinished