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WARNING : unfinished project

TAB to open menu - E to change level 

My very first game on unreal engine. Goal was to do a puzzle game with always same room with differents things

Sorry but the game is very fat : 450 Mo, so I'll try to optimise it later, fix and add features etc. 

i don't know why it is so fat :c i hope lights works, I spend hours to debug it lol... My game isnt a "real" game because At the beginning, i would like to do an escape game with a terminal and clue in the same room always. but I can't make work the video in unreal engine sooo... i try to do a digicode also, to add textures but there was too much things for a first time on an engine. There is only 3 rooms, and the 3rd room is the last.

it's my very first time on unreal engine 4 :O have a lot of bugs, but i learn a lot of things ;) 

my game will be probably playable but unfinished

- Night encounter

- Industrial times

- Alone Together

thanks for playing it :) hope you enjoyed

très intéressant, pianiste de formation je me suis amusé comme un petit fou :D tes vidéos sont aussi réussis que tes concepts, chapeau. Joué sur Windows et même si les rythmes collaient pas à 1000%, ca allait dans l'ensemble. Je rêverai d'un jeu avec plein d'autres instruments du même genre...

really interesting, i love the atmosphere, the colors, the dream and abstract dialogues :)

it's very kind :) i'm happy you appreciate my little game ^^ I'm french, so perhaps i did some mistakes in the dialogues of the game and some objects was invisible, i've tried to do my best.

very cool :p