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We didn't have time to properly finish it. we submitted it 2 mins before the end without vsync on(which causes the super fast speeds), without making sure the song loops (it doesn't), without the time to add restart (even though it would only take like 3 mins), and even without sound effects. we could sadly only work on it for 1 day, and that's probably why we couldn't finish more. but thanks for the feedback! :)

Amazing work! truly inspiring!

- Lost Paradise

- Life cycles

- A dangerous storm

- Big vs. Small

- Stranded

- Fictional Science

- Beneath the surface

- Conservation

- Stray from the flock

well, i have a little bit done by now. just a simple layout. but that's because i went to sleep right after the theme announcement. iam using terminal as in a computer terminal btw. and iam not going to say more about my game yet. because it has to stay a secret doesn't it? thats my stuff for now then. good luck to all the other jammers!