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Persijn Kwekkeboom

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okay everyone: does not work in google chrome. Added it on the installation guide.
I'll try later to get chrome to work.

yeah googlechrome does not work, something about cross site loading javascript files

Hmm I'll look into it. I had the same problem yesterday, what browser are you using?

You are the bad guy

I wish i did better

Fun game :D
Its a challenge to actually get a good score.
I like how simple it is. Bag -> sticker -> place in chute.
Missing some music :(
best score 15 :)

Fun game :D
Funny music :D
 bad art -

Did it on my first try :D
That long corridor at the end when you have 30sec remaining! nice addition :D

@mnemonic7 i am participating don't know if I'll have a finished game
Have some other stuff to get done this weekend :)

I was just about to say: You deleting this list?

- Geometry

- Rain

(1 edit)

Such a wonderful game :D

After 281 tries the music gets a little stale