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Katto Faito!View game page

Knock the lights out of all your enemies!
Submitted by natebot13
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Judge feedback

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  • Loved the art, but I found very confusing how to fight the enemies cats, I am not sure how I hit the enemies, and how they hit me, also I think there are some bugs, I have noticed an enemy cat under the ground and sometimes I am almost sure I took hits from no enemy around.

Which song(s) did you choose for the theme and how did you incorporate it/them?
Lights Out as the main battle theme, and the title inspired me to make a fighting game.

Which parts of the game did you create BEFORE the jam STARTED?
Nothing. I found some of the art online during the jam, and made everything else also during the jam.

Which parts of the game did you NOT create?
The cat spritesheet, the background, and the ground tiles.

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Nice work. Took a minute to grasp that the brackets where the hit ranges but once I did it felt really good. Almost had a rhythm game feel. 


Nice game! Reminds me of one finger death punch. :)


The gameplay has depth, as Wander commented below. Now what really made me curious is why moving around the scene creates sounds of lasers and blasting? =P


Thank you! The idea behind those "laser" sounds was supposed to be that you "missed." I was going to have a combo count that would accumulate for every hit and drop to 0 on a miss, but didn't have time. Maybe I'll add that in the future


The movement/attack action was interesting. You definitely would have to be careful attacking, since that could just throw you into the enemy. While the brackets were useful to see how far you could attack, it was difficult to judge how far you would move. Good implementation on the idea otherwise!


Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, if I had more time I would have made the motion of the enemies and player a little more deterministic so you could really plan out your attacks.