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A jam submission

TimbreView game page

A game solely played with music
Submitted by Gerben Pasjes (@gerbenpasjes), Daniel Torkar (@DTorkar), TomHoesstee — 4 minutes, 33 seconds before the deadline
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Timbre's page

Team Name
Garbage Collective

Gameplay Instructions
Keyboard & Mouse or Xbox 360 controller for PC

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Cool tune! but I think that I'm missing the point. (Not musician here).

Is there a mechanic apart from moving?  Feels a guess work falling through fog and i think that I'm not playing it well!


Hey Isra! In a way you're right, the only mechanic is moving (and involuntary jumping on the music beat). The game's concept is more about exploration and bringing the musical space back to the instruments than it is about platforming or other mechanics.

Submitted (1 edit)

To me, the fog pushes against enjoying exploration. I understand the idea, but maybe a different effect not so harsh against player intentions would feel much better. That's just my opinion!


Awesome Idea. Unfortunately, I got stuck on a ledge and jumping down brought me back to that spot


Thanks! Yeah unfortunately the level design wasn't QA-ed to perfection haha!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Very nice! As a fellow musician I think we need more games like this. I think I know who's winning the Conductor modifer ;)


Thanks Greg! The impact of good music is often underestimated in games, jams especially! Be sure to connect with Tom Hoesstee, our talented composer :)


Lovely game! Really like the audio-integration.
I did however get stuck after the cymbals/drum as I couldn't figure out where to go...


Thanks! Sorry you got stuck, you have to backtrack a bit and go up the desert mountain! Be sure to retry, the ending is worth it ;)


Implementation of the narrative is just awesome. Playing as a metronome and "fixing" other instruments... Super cool! Music and art style are also well done!


Thank you! We wanted to make a happy feel good game through and through :)


It's an amazing work of art. I guess somebody already earned a music modifier prize.


Thanks a lot Ireh! Yeah we really wanted to communicate everything with music :)


The audio experience is absolutely beautiful, the visuals look good too!


Thanks Daniel! I'm really loving the lighting on your game.


Amazing integration of audio with the theme!




This looks great! Nice work! I love how the atmosphere reacts to the music


Thanks Mil! Yeah that was two straight days of work by our technical wizard Daniel Torkar, props to him!