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Thanks for the Animation priase!:) And yeah, the LamaLazers are for sure way to annoying

Thank you! I had a lot of fun making all the animations for this one:)

Excellent game! Finally had time to play through it. Thank you for this:)
Though some of the 2'nd story's puzzles were a bit too complicated for me

Wish I had a VR headset so I could try this out, really like the art style!

Thanks!  ˘⌣˘

Nice game! Love the simple neon-aesthetic! 

Died a bunch of times cus the projectiles changed their trajectory from the expected path :/

Well executed idea for this jams theme! GJ:)

Nice game! Really liked the sound and how it evolved.

Lovely style of this game! (Did I do something wrong, or did the game end after the maze?)

Also why is it a "two-person" team when a third person did narration & writing? (or is it based on an already existing audiobook?)

Ahahahaa, Love it!! Best menu I've seen:D (Game was great ofc, but that menu...)

Wow - Well done, really nice mood! (and impressive to have managed this in just a Jam!) 

Lovely game! Really like the audio-integration.
I did however get stuck after the cymbals/drum as I couldn't figure out where to go...

Thanks! Hopefully we'll get some time over and do a proper demo of this game - and then we could take some time to show more of our process...

Sadly we don't really have a proper place for info/updates - maybe my twitter? Otherwise we'll probably post here as well if we keep at it:)

:D - we realized this 10 minutes after deadline, never should've implemented the crouch >_>

Thanks!:) I'm sure @Trinxy will be happy to hear that you liked his level design!

Thanks! Yeah - we felt bad for them too:'<

Thank you!
Sad to hear we made it too hard:'< Next Jam we'll make sure to get some accessibility options in for difficulty 

I remember I randomly came upon the video of the Candle Demon from Doom on youtube and thought; maybe this could be something we could twist into the jam theme:) 

Glad you liked it!

Ah, glad you liked it! I'm impressed you managed to break the bounds of the level this much - we put extra effort into placing blockers for most places:D

Loved the artstyle!:) Great scope for a jam!

I really liked this one!
Proper Stålhaagen-wibe on the art direction:) 

Accidentally got stuck under a bridge(?) and glitched out until the game had a fatal crash:D - but overall excellent Jam! 

Wow! Gj on this gamejam! Really well executed:) 
Didn't quite understand if the ending was good or bad though, after adding all letters it still felt like the fridge won?

Great game! Loved the aesthetics! Excellent scope for a gamejam as well

Ah, it's been a while, Zwi! Thanks - glad you liked the look of it:)

Happy to see that you've created your own Studio! Hope it goes well for you, I'll keep an eye out for Dorfromantik!

Well done! Really liked this game! Wish it could've been a bit longer:D

Really cute game! Love the feel and look of the characters:)



Oooh - interesting find! We didn't test the game properly on other specs so we didn't find that glitch:< If we continue on it we'll make sure to fix that!

(Glad you liked it!!)

This is now fixed in the latest upload!

Hello QuirkyQ32! I've added Keyboard+Mouse support for the Game if you want to try it out:)

PC controls are now added - if you still want to try it out:)

Hello again, SueziQue! I've now added Keyboard+Mouse support for the Game if you want to try it out:)

Thanks for the feedback, Rubio:)
Yeah it was an easy fix when I found it, don't think it's the same as your issue tho. Our intractable corpse was set up with two character-meshes that I swap between depending on if it's free ragdolling or if it's attached to the player. The Sphere Collision we used to detect if player could interact with the corpse only followed one of these meshes so I simply had to swap the collision to the correct mesh during swaps.

Hey, SuzieQue! Yeah, I'm afraid that currently it's only playable with a controller...

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, we didn't have time enough to bug test it so there are a couple of gamebreaking bugs in there:/

Hey, RobbieG! Sorry but currently the build only works with a controller, so no keyboard/mouse support at this time.


Thanks, Marxxiez:D Glad it inspired you!

Hey, QuirkyQ32!
We've never published a game before so I'm afraid I have no experience with this issue. From a quick search on the interwebs it seems that you'll have to be approved by Sony to make Ps4-controllers work natively:/
There are other 3d party programs for this, it seems, but I have no experience of them so I can't recommend anything >_>
But if we'll add the Keyboard/Mouse after the gamejam is done maybe you could try it out then instead:)