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A jam submission

Every Drop CountsView game page

Survival game in the desert on scarce ressources
Submitted by Norgannon — 7 hours, 39 minutes before the deadline
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Every Drop Counts's page

Team Name

Gameplay Instructions
WASD + mouse : moving around
Mouse left click : drinking water
Mouse right click : throwing water
E : pick-up something

F : send distress flare rocket

You are in the desert and have to find a way to get out. The water you can carry is limited so you better make it count. The heat makes you have hallucinations that, if they touch you, make you even more thirsty. They disappear if you throw water at them. Use your water wisely between hydrating yourself and eliminating hallucinations.

When you become too thirsty, your vision is altered, you slow down and you have even more hallucinations.

Walk into a pond to refill your bottle.

Find pieces of a distress rocket flare to reassemble it and make yourself noticed and rescued!

Link to Gameplay Footage

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List any content that was created before the jam that was included in the final submission.
First Person template from Epic Games.
Textures and explosion sound from UE4's "Starter Content".

Dune texture from Brushify - Environment Shaders Pack by JoeGarth.
Water explosion from FX Variety Pack by Kakky.
Sound effects from Sound Pack for RPG Games by Mechanics Mechanics.
Flare explosion from Luos's Particle Toolkit Vol. 1 by Luos.

The instruments sound samples used for some of the sound effects and the music are all from the "Kontakt Player". The music and sound effects using the flute are nonetheless original.

Here are the links for all the resources mentioned above (except the ones included with Unreal Engine) :

(The instruments used for the music are the only thing that is outside the Unreal Marketplace : )

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The game idea is really simple and you have actually made a pretty fun game out of this idea. The games tutorial could have been better, and the main issue with it is that you have to do the things in the right order or else you will risk never to see everything in it. Both the music and graphics is overall pretty good. The story is also pretty simple and fun. It is a bit difficult to see when you need to drink, and when I get the information that I needed to drink it was often nearly too late.

Overall a really good first jam game. Well done.


Hi JK5000,

Thanks a lot for the feedback. It's great to have an opinion on this entry and will keep in mind your advices for the next jam (if I do participate).

You are right for the need to drink display. At first I made the screen much blurrier when the player gets too thirsty but I was afraid it was too much so I tuned it down and added a pop-up warning when you get to like 8 seconds before dying of thirst.

The explanations and UI could be a lot better and next time I will think of the UI earlier instead of adding it in the end without really thinking through how it would really fit.

I'm glad you enjoyed the game :D

Developer (5 edits)

Hi everyone !

This is my first contribution to a game jam.

Feel free to give any feedback !

Additional info that didn't fit the form above if you're wondering :

- This is a team of one person.

- The models were made in Blender

- The music (and some of the sound effects) were made in Reaper using Kontakt Player instruments (VST plugin).

- The music can be listened to here if you want to add it to your playlist before wandering in the desert :

- The flare part model was an attempt at making the water bottle model that turned pretty bad. Don't ask me what that piece represents, all I know is it looks mechanical enough to me to be a kind of rocket piece.

- The plane flies backwards. The pilot is a stunt man. Let him be.

- It probably took me more time to record a fake plane motor sound you hear 10 seconds (if you even get to that point) with my mouth than to compose the whole background music.

- Since you are still reading this, I'll give you the cheat codes. Ctrl+Shift+S multiplies your speed by 2 each time you do it. Ctrl+Shift+W gives you infinite water supply. They are probably useless but it is kind of satisfying to run around at incredible speed for some reason.

- Don't forget to keep yourself hydrated throughout the summer !

Have fun !