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A jam submission

Your Life CountsView game page

A small strategy game about life chooses
Submitted by JK5000 (@JK5000Games) — 3 hours, 21 minutes before the deadline
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Gameplay Instructions
Simple keyboard & mouse game.

Keyboard shortcuts

R: Restart the game

M: Mute the music

Escape: Quit the game

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List any content that was created before the jam that was included in the final submission.

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Interesting concept. I realised mid-way through playing that it's essentially the Sims with only UI. 


I agree with you that this game has a lot of similarities to the Sims. But where the Sims is more micromanagement game, this is more about general chooses in your life. 


had a lot of fun playing this, and like the others, made me rethink how i use my time.  great work :) 

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After going through comment section...I had to try...

Amazing game, very cool and original idea behind the game..


Cool Jam Game.  It made me wonder what I've been doing wrong all my life.  I'm not making it count very well. HA!


I watched Allar play your game on Twitch :

It was very entertaining! Nice Work!

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Really nice concept! Now i feel like I wasted my time, I didn't know that to become a president is a matter of good resource management!


This is a clever little idea! I think the pace could be picked up a bit, it's kind of like a clicker game that's designed to give you anxiety instead of positive reinforcement which is a cool use of really minimal mechanical storytelling. I like it :)


Thank you for playing my game, and I am happy you liked it. I agree that the pacing could need to pick up even more then it does now.


I think you made good use of the theme, one thing I would have liked is a downgrade button for the housing if it get´s to expensive, rather then going straight to beeing homeless :P


Thank you for playing my game. It was actually  my idea to have a downgrade button, but I ran out of time.  


I played your game, It's very interesting and this game really fits the theme of the jam. It gave some meanings to me. I pressed button Play the game so much as I did adolescence.