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Hi everyone !

This is my first contribution to a game jam.

Feel free to give any feedback !

Additional info that didn't fit the form above if you're wondering :

- This is a team of one person.

- The models were made in Blender

- The music (and some of the sound effects) were made in Reaper using Kontakt Player instruments (VST plugin).

- The music can be listened to here if you want to add it to your playlist before wandering in the desert :

- The flare part model was an attempt at making the water bottle model that turned pretty bad. Don't ask me what that piece represents, all I know is it looks mechanical enough to me to be a kind of rocket piece.

- The plane flies backwards. The pilot is a stunt man. Let him be.

- It probably took me more time to record a fake plane motor sound you hear 10 seconds (if you even get to that point) with my mouth than to compose the whole background music.

- Since you are still reading this, I'll give you the cheat codes. Ctrl+Shift+S multiplies your speed by 2 each time you do it. Ctrl+Shift+W gives you infinite water supply. They are probably useless but it is kind of satisfying to run around at incredible speed for some reason.

- Don't forget to keep yourself hydrated throughout the summer !

Have fun !