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Dungeon ServiceView game page

You're the person responsible to clean up the dungeons after an adventurer has run through...
Submitted by Connecta (@Morrisbelfrage) — 5 hours, 5 minutes before the deadline

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Team Name

Gameplay Instructions
Use Controller.
Walk and look around with joysticks.

Press Y to bring out the torch,
Press X to interact with highlighted objects,
Press B to bring out the mop,
Hold Right trigger (on the back) to use the mop
Press A to jump.

Instructions in the lower right of the screen.

(Known bug: The interaction radius for the Dead Adventurers isn't attached to the ragdoll, so it will be static where it's spawned/dropped)

Link to Gameplay Footage

If you're submitting to "ingenious" - please describe your innovative use of an asset.
Using existing marketplace assets but tweaking them to fit another art style.

What platform is your game built for?


List any content that was created before the jam that was included in the final submission.
We have used a couple of assets from Multistory Dungeons-pack from unreal marketplace. Fire VFX, candles, column, arch, walls, floor and damaged column. All have been modified to better fit the project gameplay and art-style.

Oh, almost forgot: The music was made by one of us before the Jam, for an unrelated purpose.

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This was a very unique and fun game, I haved played with ragdolls in my project and I had the same issue as you guys did where the collision was not following the mesh, I think this is due to how the character class is structure , did you guys find a solution for it ?


Thanks for the feedback, Rubio:)
Yeah it was an easy fix when I found it, don't think it's the same as your issue tho. Our intractable corpse was set up with two character-meshes that I swap between depending on if it's free ragdolling or if it's attached to the player. The Sphere Collision we used to detect if player could interact with the corpse only followed one of these meshes so I simply had to swap the collision to the correct mesh during swaps.


This is such a cute and outside-of the box idea! Loved it, kudos to you and i'm amazed how much you managed to pull off in the short time we all had in the jam. I'd be happy to hear what you think about our entry "Clash of Coins", a local 2 player coin fighting game:


i loved this so much i did a lets play of it. 


Dude, I also submitted a game to this gamejam, but I'm totally hoping that you win as a finalist.


Haha, thanks!


This game made me smile! Awesome idea and really nice art! Really the other side of the coin :) Thank you!


Glad you liked it!:D 

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Really cool game! Such a fun idea! Loved the clean look.


Thank you! ^_^