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Zwi Zausch

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HI, how come? can you give some info how this decision or development came about?

All the Best

Wow thanks so much! We are pretty overwhelmed and can't believe it really, so many other great and cool entries! I enjoyed your game a lot too and I am very happy that it got a lot of exposure here on itch!

Hey guys, loving the artstyle, cute and quirky! Also you guys have a great sense of humour! I wish you all the best!

Awesome, let us know what you think or if anything doesn't work ✌

Love the visuals, reminds me abit of "Primordia" but masterfully translated into 3d! Can't wait to check it out later!

Wow, getting strong "The Witness" vibes, looks great! Will play as soon as I'm home from work, what were your inspirations for this and how long did you work on this?

Best wishes from Berlin

Loved it! I'm very confused where to comment, here or on the jam page, well anyway great work, be sure to check out ours too if you like local multiplayer! (

Best from Berlin!

This is such a cute and outside-of the box idea! Loved it, kudos to you and i'm amazed how much you managed to pull off in the short time we all had in the jam. I'd be happy to hear what you think about our entry "Clash of Coins", a local 2 player coin fighting game:

very cool!

Chris, thank you so much for everything! This and GB Studio is an incredible gift to the community! Chapeau! There will be a new Game Boy game in my profile too soon ;)

I love, love, love the artstyle! Awesome, downloading now. What were your inspirations?

Hey thanks so much! Cool that you liked it, the physics are still a bit buggy, it's very hard to control that stuff and make it behave like you want to in such an fast action game. I do not know the game you're talking about, i need to check it out sometime!

Well it definitely paid out!

Two members of my team and I pulled an all-nighter too haha. I'm really looking forward to a good sleep tonight.

Yes please do that, that would be very interesting!

I'm crossing fingers too, you are so close to the 100MB!

Hey this is a really beautiful game, amazing what you managed in the short time we all had in the Unreal 4 Jam!

You nearly missed the sub-100MB category! I#m curious if you went for that?

If you're interested, check out my game too "Clash of Coins" a 2 player fighting game, and let me know what you think:

Best wishes from Berlin.

Wow this looks like a lot of fun and very polished for the short time we all had, great work!