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Hi! Wow thank you for your feedback, for playing and making a video! We can't promise that there will be updates in the near future as we are actively working on DORFROMANTIK, but who knows ;)

Best wishes from the Team!

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Hi, sure you can DM us on Twitter or send us an email

Hi, thanks for your suggestions! Saves will definitley be a feature in the full game, and polished menus too ;)

Hey Lezus, giving a little bit more control over the tiles is on our list ;)

Hi! We are definitely thinking about adding a screenshot or overview functionality for the full-version. I hope I understood you correctly, or are you talking about a 3D-file, for example for 3D-printing? 

Awesome, thanks, we are excited too! It's also good to hear that the mac version works for you. What Mac are you playing on?

Cool, that is good to know, thanks!

I see, well that is very difficult to diagnose from afar, what Operating system are you using, and what drivers do you have installed? are you playing on a laptop?

you are welcome!

Oh, thanks for letting us know! so it is maybe the unpacker... interesting

Ah, yes we added the escape button in the new version, 2020/06/11 in that version you can escape and restartHope that helps ;)

Cool, I wil check it out, thanks for letting us know.

Awesome, thanks!

Hi! A free-play mode will very likely be included in a future version!

Hey, this is a very good point and something we are addressing already. We may have found a solution but there's still some more testing to be done. Cheers!

Hey we are sorry that you are having troubles, we are trying to find solutions but it is a bit difficult as none of us own a mac. Can you tell me what sort of hardware you are using? like what graphics card is in your macbook for example? Thanks!

Thanks for letting us know!

Trains are coming. ;)

Wow, thank you!

Hey, thanks, working on it ;)

Hey, thanks for the kind words and the suggestions! A photo mode sounds awesome, and we are currently iterating on the quests and goals, so very good points to think about. Cheers!

Yes exactly we locked it in because there was not much time in the ludum dare 46 game jam, but are re-evaluating this at the moment ;)

Hey OF5, thank you so much for playing and letting us know. Yes there will likely be long-term goals and also a free mode. Cheers!

Yes you got it. Also we are working on giving players more control over this. Cheers!

Thanks for letting us know that it runs on your system!

Very likely, yes ;)

Hi Amoveo, that is a good point and we are indeed evaluating many improvements we would like to make to the game at the moment. We too feel that more control over these things is necessary, so stay tuned ;)

Hi, sorry to hear that you are having technical issues! What OS are you using? And do you have any other USB devices plugged in?

Thank you! :)

Hey, sorry to hear that, can you elaborate a bit? which version are you using and what system?

Hey this looks very cool! Are you planning to work on this? it has a very unique take on this sort of gameplay, i like the moving HQ-approach.

Hey @Connecta, this is beautiful. I really loved Dungeon Service back when we took part in Unreal SPring Jam 2019 btw! Always cool to see the projects you and your team come up with.


Very cool, thanks! The full game will very likely have have sound and music, an option would be very cool too ;)

Hi Widget and thank you!

  1. Trains are planned!
  2. we are currently reiterating on the questsystem in general, making it more elegant and diverse
  3. we are thinking about this of course!
  4. Linux build was uploaded yesterday ;)


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Thanks, this is very good to know! What is a SpaceMouse though?

Hi, yes this was missing before but we now added a replay key in the newest build ;)

Oh, this is unforntunate, can you give some more information on your hardware? for example what graphicscard you are using and what driver or other programs? thx!

Hey we are sorry to hear that you are having technical problems with the game, can you alaborate a bit more what system you are using, whcih version of OSX and your hardware specs? Thanks!

Hey, we added a replay button and removed the game-breaking 6-way-tile for now. Thanks for your detailed feedback too! We are currently iterating on improving many of the issues listed. Different gameplay-modes are of course already a high priority feature for us and designing a pretty landscape is paramount, and so we will hone the balancing and mechanics to fit this goal.

Hey thanks, this is a very good point! We are currently improving the quest system, so stay tuned ;)