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Thats weird. What do you mean with getting stuck in the floor? Can you be more specific?

Thank you for playing, and giving me feedback :)

Thanks, very much appreciate that you played my game and gave me some feedback :)

VICTORY! So I managed  to beat the dragon. Really nice idea for the theme too! I also made a VR game for this jam, if you wanna take it to a spin :) 

Nice game, and funny way to use the announcer, suits into a jam game :D It is also a bit addictive, just one more go...

Ahh the power of Unreal. You can actually do something technically impressive as this is in a game jam. Nice work! I just wish you had copied the control scheme from Katamari Damacy :)

Nice game. It was fun to work on the other side of c... er dungeon :) Good work!

I really like the work you have done for polishing the assets. Good work! The game play felt a bit hard, however have to give it another go when I have friends to play with anyway :)

Nice little runner! Good work! Found a bit hard to time the jumps though. Maybe it is just me feeling the cognitive strain from the game jam.

Nice Puzzle game! I also like the "pixelated" looks. Got to the levels with enemies. Have to give it another go when my brains are not so strained from a game jam :D 

This game made me smile! Awesome idea and really nice art! Really the other side of the coin :) Thank you!